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  1. Loved the demo. Short but enough to understand the changes made since Episode Duscae. I kinda think the battle system is a little less strategic trading off for faster pace. I read an interview saying that the magic system is going to be similar to the draw system. That makes me worry but as long as they don't tie it to your stats like FFVIII did, it should be okay. I'm looking forward to the September 30 release.
  2. I thought the title was Star Ocean 5: Better than FFXV
  3. That's cool. I wasn't trying to convince you of anything. Just saying what my expectations for the game are. I don't care what people think what makes a FF game. Magic is in the final game though. I remember something about the devs saying the magic system or effects aren't ready so that's why they're not in the demo.
  4. The idea of having a large and seamless (or at least seemingly seamless) open world to explore, great music, fun battles, basically just a feeling of grandiose or living world. I think everything else (aesthetic, era, character design, turn based vs realtime, etc) that I see a lot of people criticizing this game for are far less important than having a simple story with an engaging battle system, or just enjoyable game mechanics in general.
  5. That's not even close to my experience with the combat. I suppose once you're too high a level for the enemies your fighting it would come to holding down attack until they're dead, but normally defending and parrying are necessary, and changing up which weapons to use on which enemies are pretty regular occurrences. I totally don't agree with Zoltan about how it doesn't feel like a Final Fantasy, or that it's nonsense to longtime fans. I grew up on the SNES classics (FFVI mostly) and this game is really close to what I was expecting FFX to be like. Re: the world size, I haven't played FF14 yet but it definitely is huge. Felt much more open and varied than Xenoblade, which already to me was pretty big.
  6. I've been playing it. This game is really awesome. I just hope they get the performance issues cleaned up. The only other thing that bothers me is the slightly glitchy battle initiation. Sometimes in the middle of fighting one enemy will go outside the battle boundaries or something and it ends the battle prematurely even though there are still like 5 other enemies around me. I love how huge the world is. Even though this is supposedly a pared-down version of this area, I still find myself exploring and getting lost in the scenery. Brandon: I don't think that's a scripted event, but I do think they tweaked the Behemoth's stats to almost force you to use Ramuh to kill it. I'm actually grinding right now to see if it's possible to kill it without the summon.
  7. I'm also disappointed by Sony but not enough for me to switch to Xbox. Historically more games I like to play are exclusive to PS than XB.
  8. I've lost interest in these games ever since X. Since then, I played through about half of XII and watched a friend play an hour of XIII. That was enough for me to decide it wasn't for me. That said, these new trailers for XV have me really excited. The anime tropes haven't completely disappeared but even Prompt's dialogue doesn't make me cringe the same way every character in XIII did. Bringing back exploration in the form of that overworld (?) looks like a lot of fun and potential for cool secrets to find. The story seems very simple, and I actually really like the fact that turn based battles are gone. I do wish you could control more than one character directly, but it's not a deal breaker. So far, this is the reason I'll be buying a PS4.
  9. They look good, but for a game that allegedly is going to cut down the roster they seem to be keen on including a lot more people from a lesser known franchise like Fire Emblem. I'm a little worried that Ness will be cut after seeing Robin.
  10. I pretty much was impressed by everything save for the Yoshi yarn game. New Zelda looks great, especially from the high quality screen kotaku posted. For it to be really next gen, they need to remove as much loading as possible, and it seems like they're working on that. We just need more footage, but that probably won't happen until future a Nintendo Direct. Hyrule Warriors pretty much guaranteed a purchase from me with giving us Midna as a playable character. I totally called the Smash Bros 3DS delay. "Summer" usually means "Early to mid fall", especially with a flagship title like Smash Bros. Really glad they're bringing Canvas Curse back. That game was a lot of fun and the claymation makes it look great.
  11. I wanna say wtf Nintendo. Releasing the lesser GBA port of Yoshi's Island instead of the original? For shame.
  12. Agreed on this as well. They need SNES and N64 Remixes after that.
  13. I'll try to write this from memory as to really remember which games I played and loved. Mario 3D World Seriously my personal best game of 2013. As much as I enjoyed the Galaxy games, this was the Mario game I had been waiting to play since Mario 64. Above and beyond my expectations, and the cat suit was more fun to play with than I expected. The Wonderful 101 Really fast paced, and a lot less than Pikmin than I was worried about. I still waited for a sale to buy it, but it was totally worth it. Play if you enjoy a challenge mixed with over the top humor. To the Moon Didn't know much to expect. Admittedly the trailer makes the game look a lot better than it actually is, but that didn't stop me from bawling like a baby. Pikmin 3 They made this a great transition to HD. Gameplay is kinda like a mix between the first two games. The juice mechanic helps the game flow a lot. Mark of the Ninja The Disney-esque aesthetic made me really skeptical at first, but there's a lot of depth in this game. Stealth done right. There are so many different ways to complete levels without it being confusing.
  14. I have a 2-month old 27" BenQ monitor for sale (newegg listing for reference). Will ship in original box with everything it came with. No damage, no dead pixels. It's a decent monitor, but I just bought a Monoprice Zero-G with a higher resolution and am willing to let this go for less than retail+shipping. I'm hoping to get at least $160 but send me an offer (trades considered). I can send pics of the actual monitor if requested.
  15. I can only buy one in the next month. I can't decide between ALBW or Mario 3D World. Why is Nintendo making me decide between Zelda and Mario in the same month?
  16. If you just want to try it, you can download it now and play for the 24 hour free trial.
  17. Yeah, that's what I was referring to, I guess. It's the design from the DS game, I think.
  18. I keep forgetting this fact, but that Fox design really is terrible.
  19. The first time I played through Twilight Princess was when the Wii launched. I think because motion controls were new at the time, it was cool, but especially after playing Skyward Sword, the Wii TP controls are pretty much garbage. I can't stand doing the waggle for every combo attack. I do still like using the pointer for arrows/hookshot aiming though. They're both great games, but TP's world feels so empty to me. The world in SS was probably smaller, but it felt like there was a lot more to do in it. I can't get over how great of a job they did for this Wind Waker HD release. Everything that was great in the original is made so much better in the HD version. I can't tell for sure, but it seems some of the music was re-mastered. Just sounds slightly different than the original to me. It seems they also increased the resolution on most character textures, and some environment textures as well. Only thing is I can't figure out how to get the faster sail in the auction house. All he puts out for the auctions are Joy Pendants. Do I have to win an auction to get him to put the sail up for auction or is there a different trigger?
  20. Calpis


    It was a visually great movie, didn't see in 3D but kinda regret that now. SPOILERS The way Clooney's character died really bugged me. For a movie called "Gravity" and entire plot points centered around the subject, they showed a lack of understanding of the issue at that part of the movie. END SPOILERS
  21. I stopped taking you seriously after reading this part. However, it's pretty much agreed that the system menu loading times are ridiculous and baffling as to why they exist. Didn't they say they were gonna release 2 updates to resolve the issue (1 Spring, 1 Summer)? I remember the Spring one but what happened to the Summer update?
  22. I get most of my stuff from fangamer. I like their designs because they're good at subtlety. (not always, but still better than most)
  23. I'm right there with Mr. Strader. Info is good, but the frequency of updates on this project is getting annoying.
  24. Really? I got ripped then. I did order online so I thought shipping would add a bit, but they're saying the LE bundle is $59.99 From my receipt Subtotal: $59.99 Estimated Tax: $4.52 Handling: $6.00 Total: $70.51
  25. Do you know how many were made? I ordered the LE from Gamestop, and am wondering if it was worth $20 extra.
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