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  1. While I have to say I'm generally not a fan of the minimalist remixes, this one strikes a chord with me, so to speak. </overusedpun> Perhaps it's the Final Fantasy Tactics soundtrack, almost never remixed because it's hard to get better than the original. Perhaps it's just that this focuses, like most minimalist remixes, upon that 'one more note' bit that keeps the song moving with a reasonable amount of energy. Perhaps it's the anticipation which causes me to wait for that triumphant blast near the end which will always come. Not sure. All I know is that I like it. Definitely too sparse in areas, though. 8/10, perhaps.
  2. A /very/ cool piece of the incidental jazz variety that sounds like something that would have been put together by Spyro Gyra. It's clear to me that the first half of it was intentionally put together in an 'unsynced' manner as it lends to the general flavour of the song (and it does seem to continue in that way even after the general melody gets put in: listen to it twice to see what I mean). A definite improvement, and a clear winner so far as the genre goes. Not quite what one'd listen to -on its own-, so to speak, but makes excellent background music for a game. I can imagine it in, say, Day of the Tentacle. Not that anybody's ever played that game, of course, nor its prequel, the name of which slips my mind at the moment...
  3. Very nice, and a remix that really makes me wish I had played the original game. (Yes, I know, I'll see if I can get my hands on one.) As DiscoDan had said, samples are extremely high quality...repetitiveness is rather high, but with just enough flavour between reiterations to qualify as something other than pure background music. I give 7/10 in total quality; a touch more length would have been excellent, with perhaps a bit more in the way of variations on the theme. And for the record, this reminds me of Trapezoid's magnum opus as well; I can't imagine why aside from the obvious reasons of instruments, beat, and how it's set up...
  4. Took me about 30 seconds to realize how this worked, and about 45 more seconds to figure out how well it did. First, I have to say this one's not for everyone...if you don't like an FM synth, no matter how well it fits (I know many who don't), you'll absolutely hate this, and the was the tracks fit...I can't begin to describe. Listening to some of the tracks individually, as I'm sometimes wont to do (decomposing in my mind), I wondered how it all fit together seamlessly...and looking at it as a whole, I just thought 'whoa'. An exceptional job by The Wingless on this one; in my opinion, hands down the most intricate Bubbleman remix here.