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  1. I am amazed.This song is DEFINITELY worth downloading. Robo's theme is not a song that lends itself well to any kind of lyrics - believe me, I've tried - yet it sounds excellent. The lyrics are well written, the remix music itself is great, the drums are a bit heavy , but otherwise almost perfect. The only thing about this song is the fact that the volume is insane, so none of the cool Plenoptic graphics on Windows Media look good with it. This is another unequivocal remix from Star Salzman. I give 9.9/10, marked down for volume.
  2. Okay, I will warn you now, I tend to be unduly harsh on all but the most excellent pieces. However, though it didn't really sound BAD, I honestly did NOT like this piece and cannot recommend it. Good chord progression, yes, good countermelody, yes, but it was, as well as I can describe, lukewarm. Not hot, as is Temporal Distortion and Incredible Singing Robot, nor cold, as in the original Time Circuits or Blue Skies Over Guardia, but somewhere halfway between, and I really don't like that. Once again, I cannot recommend this piece.
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