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  1. It's funny, in an immature sort of way. I kinda like it, if not for my great respect for Zelda. And, although OCR is not credited... Some of you may want to visit http://themusicofmygroin.ytmnd.com/ WARNING: It contains a naked chick. She's got SNES controllers over her roundies and an LttP cart down there, so you can't see anything, but... It still might be offensive to some.
  2. Overly repetitive, except the parts where you could hear a little of the melody, which I _EVENTUALLY_ Recognized as Grim Reaper theme and Vampire Killer, badly combined... I personally hated this. I also couldn't see much "rigor". DJP misclassified this as "dance". It's a trance piece. No faster or more rigorous than Terra Tripmachine. Heck, I think Terra Tripmachine trumps it easy. Either way, I think it sucks. Tone down the analogue, crank up the melody, keep the melody going through the whole song. Add some drums and up the tempo if you want it to be dance, but I would love a decent VK/Reaper trance piece.
  3. Y'know...Why do I always get to the review boards after someone else says EXACTLY what I'm thinking?
  4. Oh say WHAT? A Little Nemo in Dreamland MOVIE? I wanna know more. Oh yeah. The mix. Not quite download-worthy for me, I just didn't like it. Can't put my finger on why though... Hey. I'm caffeine-high, sick, CO-poisoned and it's 12:45 AM, and you expect me to THINK? Fat chance.
  5. Well, good news. My rap-fanatic uncle Silas is now hooked an one OCRemix, at least. He wouldn't listen to any of the songs I sent him until this one, and I had to pull "OCRemix" and "Castlevania" from the title... He was surprised when he heard it came from the same site and soundtrack as BloodyHell (another one he condemned for being a video-game remix).
  6. Really... And I thought it was too soft, in all honesty.
  7. I have one thing to say... LOUDER VOX!! PLEASE! Either that or a bit softer of everything else. I wanna be able to hear the lyrics, they're awesome.
  8. Y'know, I've actually had people SERIOUSLY ask me if CV was a BDSM hentai game... Of course, they got kicked. Hard. In the shins.But yeah, the whip SFX just make it more CV-ey.
  9. Industrial Synth-rock meets Vampire Killer... Heheh. Awesome. No better a combination have I seen on this site. And garageous IS a word. It is NOW, anyways.
  10. Well, I honestly thought a fight with the Reaper should have a bit more of a wall-of-sound feel, like many of CotMM's works. Honestly, I don't think "spooky" is quite what you're after when you're fighting the Destroying Angel himself. On a complete tangent... Why the hell did they make the ANGEL of death a boss in DRACULA'S castle? It just don't make sense. Oh well.
  11. Okay.... The rest of the song, yeah, it's good, but straight-up pales in comparison to the flute solo, and I haven't heard much past 2:45 'cuz I keep getting bored and jumping back to the flute solo. Hey, DJP, I don't suppose you have a nifty little PDF of the sheet music for that sitting around, do you? I'm a flutist and I'd love to be able to play that. So yeah. If you're reading this.... *jumps back to flute solo AGAIN* DOWNLOAD IT NOW! It's badass, and if DJP gets me the sheet music, I will finally be able to prove to the band that flute does indeed kick more ass than tuba. I'll stop typing now, it's distracting me from that AWESOME flute solo.
  12. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! This song is... Just.. I mean... Too good for words. OK? The damn closest thing on OCR that I've heard to date to TMBG. Oh, and one last thing... Fuck SoaD. Fuck their fans for stealing credit from the fine Rabbit Joint. Fucking go Rabbit Joint. Fuck starting every sentence with fuck. And I also apologize for the incredible amount of profanity in this posts, I count six instances of the F word alone. But yeah. It rocks.
  13. Oh yeah, Protricity. You are missing a helluva lot. It evokes quite a creepy and suspenseful mood. Admittedly, it's not too good JUST by itself, but play one of those movies in your head, like mixes like this force me to. Just can't help it, y'know? It gets into your head so well... An Omega metroid and Samus Aran, going at it like never before. The beast's claws leave deep gouges in the Chozo-forged, near-invincible metal, missiles rip chunks of flesh from its organs behind that strange, exoskeletal ribcage. Both fighters become more and more enraged until finally -- BLAM! The beast is dead in a shower of alien blood and bone splinters. Its eight eyes dim, its many hearts cease beating, leaving Samus out of breath, gasping for air inside that claustrophobic Power Suit. And that's the first 15 seconds alone! Hollywood-worthy, I say.
  14. HOLLY SHITE HAUNTED SNESS!@!! Okay, but yeah, the mix was good. Mebbe I've just had way too much caffeine but it damn near made me crap my pants ' Good stuff. Download it.
  15. Why didn't I hear the MAgus theme when I played through the Ghost Train on the game? Is that just something that TO put in? In any case, yeah, the mix kicked ass. Downloaded, and even so good as to deserve a review saying "Download this or YOU'LL ride that train next!!"
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