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  1. Okay... I can't really pick out any of the original tunes, but... Screw it. It's good. I can't say why. Download it. Only downside is, it's too short for its own good. Two minutes is not enough.
  2. This was just... Cool. It definitely epitomized the Staruns in their boing-ding-zoom-you-come-buying-yes-ness. And an awesome name too. Keep it up.
  3. To make a terrible pun on the title of the mix: Hella' good. That said, It sounded really good. I'm not sure really how much I liked the melody line, but... These guys could remix "Pop goes the weasel" in this style and still have it sound awesome. Nice job, guys.
  4. Can't say I liked it. I really didn't like the way you modulated the synth... Like someone's going "woooooeeeeeeewooeeewooowooeeeeeiioooowoooo". Yeah, that. Although the voice samples and the weird "AA-aaoo-oooh" sound effect was cool too. And at the drum solo, no offense, but it sounded like you were vocoding a fart for the odd little synth percussive sound. All in all, I didn't like it, but I can see what other people DID like about it. Oh, and what makes you think he didn't write it?
  5. Whiskey tango foxtrot, over? I mean that in a good way. By no means like ANYTHING I've heard before. I downloadededed it. Heh... Downloadededededed.
  6. There is one main thing I hated about this remix. I had to listen REEEEAL hard to hear the Gravity Beetle theme. The bass line/static line was WAY too heavy. It almost ENTIRELY drowned out the melody. Just enough to stop me from downloading it. So turn up the melody line volume and reupload, and I'll download it. 'Cuz the rest of it sounded |<3\/\/1. In a very very 1337 |-|4X0|2z way.
  7. Let me put it this way: The remixers here (Most notably goat, but this peice also has played a huge part) have managed to entirely destroy and replace my blanket opinion of Castlevania music. I saw it as crap, but just a couple times through listening to this and StainedGlassFilth.... Great job, Mr. B.
  8. Well, CotMM... This was a pretty darn good peice. Except for the fact that you could have picked MUCH better source material. I'd take the trouble to download it, if it weren't for the crappy melody line. You oughta do this same thing with Wicked Child.... THAT I would download! And there aren't enough Wicked Child remixes, anyways.
  9. Y'know, I can't really picture those big-hair people, DJP. I can, however, picture a ninja in yellow, a ninja in blue, a ninja in green, and a hot chick with razor-blade fans dressed in green duking it out. In other words... Yeah, it WOULD make a good MK soundtrack. "Sub-Zero Wins!"
  10. I'd have to say Kaiser Sigma from MMX3. And the toughest RPG boss to date would have to be the Black Rabite from SD3. I kid you not, he's tougher than the Arch Demon!
  11. Y'know, I never thought MMX music, especially not tat short loop of it could make a good remix.... Until three minutes and 58 seconds ago. This is just cool. And like some of the others said, it REALLY captures the feel of Storm's sky fortress. I tried that open window thing, and I could see the runways, the rotating elevators, the suicide bomber helis... And even the heart tank on top of the terminal. Well done, Chiku. And DEFINITELY worth a download.
  12. Well, anyone who saw my review of that one Castlevania 3 remix knows my general opinion of Castlevania music... And of someone who can make it sound good enough for me to download it. Good job, Chiku. I have to check out your other remixes now.
  13. Y'know, maybe I shouldn't review this, because everything to be said has already been said. There's only one thing left I have to add, and it is the only downside to this melody: It's too damn short. 2:08 is not enough time; it does not do this wonderful arrangement justice.
  14. Freaky little screamy-whistle sound effects... Man. Those gave me goosebumps. Yeah, the ones before the 20-second mark. Made me think about... Wait... Is there a such thing as a reploid ghost?
  15. Kai's right. Just 'cuz it's techno doesn't make it terrible. I actually think that techno does it PERFECT justice, Qonas. After all, it isn't that rock bullcrap. (Sorry, couldn't resist!) Now, this guy had some pretty meager source material, and he made it sound pretty tanj good. It IS pretty repetitive, but it does loop perfectly, and so makes great background music for a party.
  16. Goat, I have to seriously congratulate you on this. Castlevania has, let's face it, crappy music. Somehow, you managed to create a piece based off of a Castlevania theme and make it good enough for me, who is pretty tanj picky about his music, download it. Good job.
  17. All I can say, Graeme, is that you're not alone with those goosbumps... I'm a flutist, too, so I need to e-mail Mr. Lin about maybe getting some sheet music PDFs.
  18. Y'know, there is absolutely NOTHING left to be said here that describes my feelings, so I'm gonna quote the main point:
  19. DAMN.... This guy's awesome! It sounded real frickin' weird for a minute, because it was Kingdom Trial and it wasn't Trial in Concert. However, it was simply excellent! It is actually on par with Trial in Concert, and from what I can tell, it was an initial submission! I gotta go check out Zircon's other stuff now...
  20. I've never played the game, probably never will. CotMM has done an absolutely EXCELLENT job here; I can't really picture a little demon hopping around, but what I do picture is a rather sizeable demon breaking bones and spraying blood. The only dubious choice they made, in my opinion, is removing their wall of sound for about 14 seconds at 0:53. That and their choice of instrument for that section. Thank you, CotMM, for another great piece.
  21. Honestly, I'm afraid I can only agree with Zircon here. This song is NOT a prime example of CotMM's work. It's not even the cool, kind of "anti-music" that Eternal Derelict was; it's just crap. I'm sorry, CotMM, but this remix was a waste of time and talent.
  22. Well, there isn't much difference at the start. Listen through to about 2:45 and you will notice it is a synth of the CT main theme, with some variation of instruments. However, there is not much musical variation to this remix. I cannot recommend this.
  23. Hmm.... I don't think it was too long, any more than the game was too long. Both could have been twice as long, and still been incarnations of perfection. At 3:15, I was disappointed; "Over already?!?" But then it came back, sounding almost like something I would hear as a "Tetris" background, probably because it was so heavily Russian. There were some parts horribly dissonant, but that was part of what made it all so excellent. That's the "bite" of the song, and the whole thing would be crap without it, just like a daquiri would be crap without the bite that the rum gives. Unfortunately, my download cut the song short at 7:21, which really sucked. Kudos, Spekkosaurus! Now I HAVE to listen to those EB remixes of his, too.
  24. Wow, this IS great. Children did awesome on this. Concerto's right, in that it's not really music, but it is just as beautiful as anything Mozart, Bach, or anyone else could come up with. Oh, and Less, around 4:00, if you listen closely and turn up your volume, there IS that sound effect. Better speakers might also help.
  25. This IS cool. About the only Wind Scene remix that's good enough to even THINK about downloading. Unfortunately, since I am picky and harsh, I can't take those thoughts anywhere. Not gonna download.
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