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  1. Looks like Christmas came early this year. =D Happy 10th, OCR!
  2. Ahh, I had seen something in the post about leaving the third box blank so I'd thought the voting system had changed up in the time I've been out...guess I just read it wrong. xD
  3. Ruined Celes/Seles? Yeah, that one's a great piece of music as well.
  4. Sounds like a fun little source tune...might as well see if I can get in some last bit of fun before school work haunts me for another 4 months. XD
  5. Not sure if I'll be able to pull one out this week(lots of meetings + extended family coming in for the weekend), but as always I'll see how it all goes and try to work on something anyway. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Because I wasn't here. Dur. =P I'm like a ray of sunshine for the PRC, bringing with me memories of yore to revitalize the competition. * Noticing some subliminal messaging there, eh? *is completely talking out of his *** here
  7. Oh, about how yours reminded me of an old APRC remix? I can't remember which number it was, but the song was "Maze" from the Noir OST. My mix sucked so badly on that one(I was just messing around with the lyrics rather than the music...what can I say, I didn't know what I was doing XD)...but I'm thinking it was Overcoat that had made the mix that I was thinking of. Not sure, though, as that was *years* ago. *laughs* And it does appear that voting has ended for this round. Congrats to Binoweasel and XenonOdyssey for tying in first! =)
  8. Huh, you're right...I didn't even think about that. XD Nice catch EDIT: I put up my current WIP...couldn't figure out a solid way to speed it up to my satisfaction, so I left it as it was. Might revisit it later today or tomorrow if something strikes me(going to go through my music to find some inspiration), but for now it's my final submission
  9. Well, it's been about 40 PRCs since I've even attempted to work on a project(and 104 since I've submitted one >_>), I figure it's as good a time as any to get back in...though I wish there was more to work with here. XD Got about 1:00 worth of BGish music, trying to see if I can get it a bit more active from there on out. If I don't find a good beat to bring in I'll leave it at that.
  10. No doubt, a seriously rocking tune. This really gets me back into the spirit of remixing. *remembers his last participation...PRC23...'* Now just to see if I can work the time into making something around packing for Korea...
  11. This one's pretty cool; reminds me of what John Wayne, or some other Western bad-ass guy's theme should be like. The claps from 0:14 to 0:41 are a bit detracting, though; they come too often, and when I heard the first one it sounded way too much like static. :S Personally, I think it sounds best without them in there, but at least change the sound choice from clapping. So yeah...other than that, sweet job there, Vurez. :thumbsup:
  12. Hahah...I guess I'm either going to need to pick up some more soundfonts of finally figure out how to use the oscilators and other generators...'cause what I have soundfont-wise wouldn't make anyone wanna punch anybody, other than me for making a mix not of the right genre. Time to go read the tut files... And damn you, Myth; those lyrics were stuck in my head all of last night and this morning. All I could think about during my Psych exam was Myth trying to get his ass kicked by a Street Fighter girl. >_>
  13. Mostly it's because you came up with something that works well after just an hour of work. For me, that's like...playing around with the same 10secs of a song with various instruments/plugins to see which one sounds the best. >_>
  14. If I get the notes worked out for the Guile or the Ryu endings, I may take a shot one of them(I'm mainly looking at the Guile one, but still considering Ryu). Knowing me, it probably won't get any further than just some random ideas...and if that ends up being the case, I'll just post them up here to see if someone wants to use them. I did like Ryu's stage...but I can't do fast and energetic, which is why I'll be sticking to attempting the endings. EDIT: And Myth...damn man! *has been freshly reminded why he looks up to Naz*
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