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  1. Simply a great remix. It's one of those that even when it's over, you can hear it again immediately and not get bored of it. Even though the music itself is amazing, it's the vocals that really made the piece for me. Definitely worth checking out.
  2. In my book, when a remix is so amazing that you want to hear if the actual soundtrack is as good, that is a great remix, which this is. Though I haven't played Kingdom Hearts, I still loved the piano and percussion found in this remix. Hopefully we'll hear more of both Kingdom Hearts remixes and remixes from Sephfire in the near future.
  3. Amazing piano work for this remix. I'll have to agree that the drums were a little loud, but I didn't mind much. The ending, in the way that it simply faded away, was perfect to me. Great remix (if you don't mind drums taking over piano near the end) all around.
  4. Crap, I hate it when everyone steals what I was going to say. (Guess I should've thought of it faster) Regardless, I thought this was an amazing piece even before I read the reviews that broke down the individual music that formed this masterpiece. Amazing, that's all I can say.