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  1. I absolutely LOVE this one. There's something so emotional to it, and it's also simply fun. The wife and I give this one 'repeat attention' often, and always enjoy it as much as we did upon hearing it for the first time.
  2. Maybe I missed this if it was already covered, but will this go beyond searching for music on the site itself? As in, will metadata be added to every track that can be sorted and viewed within iTunes? Sounds like a lot more work, so I'm doubting this is the case. Just curious, though.
  3. I don't typically find the time to comment on ReMixes but I just had to get on here and say: Amazing. Truly. I've listened to it multiple times in the past few days and I can't get enough of it! So epic and moving! Fantastic job, RoeTaKa.
  4. Hey all! Simple question - since these three most recent torrents (containing tracks 1-2500) were released back in 2012, have any more ReMixes been removed from the site? I didn't see any evidence of that being the case based on the Changelog thread but... My iTunes is showing that I have two more ReMixes (2741 total) than the number shown on the complete ReMix listing page (currently at 2739 with Street Fighter Alpha 2 'The Strongest!'); the page you get when you click the link 'Twenty Latest ReMixes' on the homepage. Just curious what I'm missing! Or NOT missing, in this case. Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much, Kyle! That seems to have fixed it! I actually didn't even bother with MP3Tag; once you mentioned the compilation field I just selected the files all at once in Windows Explorer and set that field to 'Yes'. It looks like I could have done that straight from iTunes, too...not sure, though. Anyhow, thanks again!
  6. Have any of you had issues when importing this album onto an iPhone (from iTunes)? For some reason it duplicates the album, but only with a portion of the songs: It only does this on the iPhone; not in iTunes (on my PC) itself. Meaning iTunes shows one album and one of each song like it should, but when I drag and drop the album onto my connected iPhone it duplicates the album: One album has all 54 songs listed while the other album has 16 songs listed. BUT if I delete the 'extra album' with the incomplete track listing then those same songs get removed from the other, previously complete, al
  7. Haha, that's too funny. Italian Spiderman - whoever heard of such a thing?!
  8. FR, where is that clip from in your sig? It's a hoot.
  9. YES!!! I have it for my SNES, but the darn system just broke, plus one of the trigger buttons didn't work on my controller! This will be my first full play through, believe it or not! Yes I know, for shame.
  10. Hey, there's nothing wrong with wishful thinking. Then again, I'm sure that if it did happen it just wouldn't capture the spirit of the original - it just hasn't been the same since the Square Enix merger. It would probably be worse than the movie. Ah, but this topic belongs in a different thread.
  11. Oh, is it officially coming to the 360 now? I've been out of the loop lately. Either way, it'll be out on PS3 quite a bit earlier than the 360.
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