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  1. So as soon as this song started, I was like "Man, I hope the rest of this song lives up to its intro...". One thing I've found about listening to songs of this ilk (not the OCR kind, but the actual original-music genre of...hip-hop I guess. There're just too many divisions of Hiphop and...ugh. Anyways.) Is that they quite often will have a backbeat that's a really good one, but will end up fouling it up by doing something that sounds totally opposite the sound of the music. This mix is seriously sweet. There's enough consistancy and enough variation in the drums making it a song I could listen to even without the melody. But then, I'm a percussive kind of guy. All in all, a REALLY well put together mix, and something I wouldn't be surprised to hear sampled in a single at some point in time. This shizzle is izzle mah nizzle. Now on loop 14, and still lovin' it. Good times.
  2. This, to me, seems like the music that Nintendo would use at a convention like E3. Bring in the press, and sit them down in a dark room in front of a screen--cue the music, and shots of the backdrop, and a narrator telling us of the troubles that have beset this land (going on for two minutes--man, that's a lot of suffering) and then when the Zelda theme comes in, we get a pan in to our Hero--Link. And then get a lot of kickass footage of him pwning all. Top marks.
  3. Seems to me the last movement is a VERY nice variation on the Chozo Chamber (whatever it's supposed to be called) music. You know, the ones where you get weapons and whatnot? Very very nice. Puts the capper on it. My rating, 9.5/10--only because I too wanted to feel the killing of Mother Brain after rushing through the whole planet! This is my second post, I'm really only posting about songs that are incredible (and I'm going through every single OCR)
  4. I joined just so I could leave this comment. And my comment boils down to one word: Goosebumps. That's what I was left with at 1:15 when the flutes come in doing their countermelody. Holy goddamned shiznizzle they were amazing. I'm listening to it for my FIFTH time now in a row (normally I'll listen to a whole game and then go and pick out my favourites but this...this is CRAZY!) and the goosebumps aren't getting any smaller. If I had one piece of advice for the mixer, I'd say DO MORE!
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