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  1. Ahh, yes... I remember you from VGMix! I loved this song.. I'm glad to see you and K-wix among others have come along!
  2. to quote... "I'm sorry, but this sounds just like a glorified MIDI with reverb to me. I read Carnival and I got excited, but this isn't Carnival at all. It's just Latin music with some chromaticism here and there. An interesting take on Kefka's music, but it is not to my enjoyment." ...Well, Ryan, there's more than one style of carnival.. although the spelling is different. In Brazil, they hold a VERY large festival for a week(or month? not sure) called "Carneval". As you can see, this sounds like something that could originate from that. Perhaps carnival can be referred in other ways than the american version... ...Although it just might be that I live in mini-brazil, itself, Framingham, MA. -shrug- either way, over here it doesn't sound like a glorified MIDI..
  3. Jebus Cripes! If I knew it was this good, I would've downloaded it in a heartbeat and beat the shit out of my cable modem for downloading it as 28.7 KB Per second!! I can't explain how great this is.. but I agree, you need meds (Or more of them) if you don't download this!
  4. I must say, after comparing this to technomancy, I must say they're both different styles, and I love them both. The countermelody and counterpoints were put in beautifully. I think it'd be better to hear the bass clearer... you sort of just hid it within there. Must agree, it's put great to the late 80's style as well as the 8-bit chips of technomancy. Yeah, I know thats a different mixer, but they're the same song, right? There ya go, then.
  5. ... I don't know where to begin. Wait... Yes I do. Starla is very talented and a great singer. I agree with Orkybash when he said that the vocals were a tad soft, but not enough to make a fuss about. I'm not going to go into details since I know there must be at least ten others who have already commented about this song, so all I'm going to say now is "Wow, I'm going to be listening to this for a VERY long time". Very impressive.
  6. ...Despite the fact that I too enjoy the humor of Team Gato, I must admit even they have their flaws. ...Besides, would YOU, who has a chance of having a pretty bad signing voice(not saying you do, but still, you could. I know I do), want to sing it? I wouldn't. I would've probably did the same thing! I mean that means crap because I still need to save up the money to get everything I want... and a clue to what I want. Some people don't like to use vocoders into their remixes.. but you must give the man credit where it's due, it's very catchy.
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