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  1. I didn't really think... it works. There were some short parts of the.. background instruments... that I thought could have gone somewhere.. but.. the vocals.. just ruined it all. Is this really.. I mean.. I just.. I can't believe... that this is credited to the same person who arranged Tickle My Wily, CidSendsaDreamtotheUnderseaPalace and Tatsumakisenputronic... I.. just.. don't like this one. 2/10
  2. When reviewing this song, I kept on typing statements, and deleting them. I had listed to the song for the first time, realizing it was a mix of one of what I recognized to be... the greatest songs of all time. I had considered starting to try to make a mix of this song myself, trying to give it a different feel, but I ended with the conclusion that nothing would work. I was wrong. The first time I heard this mix it bored me.. I decided to write a review of this mix, because the original was so great.. I thought this song to be an insult to that song. But, I kept on playing the song while I w
  3. You're an idiot. yeah. Well, there is a logic to it. the.. yeah. I have to give that up.
  4. I managed to miss this song so many times, searching for songs I might like, hear the beginning, then skip it. Then I ran across it again, and listened to it, very shortly, at several different points, and thought it was to sweet sounding in the middle. But then once, I just wasn't paying attention to what my computer was playing, and listened to the whole thing.. and wondered what it was. The song starts slow, although I would not say it is bad, kind of interesting, really. And not in a bad way. that part that starts at 2:00 made me cry the first few times I heard it. the choir though, is a
  5. this is the first song on the site I really really liked. It alone was probably worth my computer being on for three days downloading those Bit Torrent files in early june. It is a really great mix, I can't really think of a a way that series of notes could be any better. Simple piano solo is perfect. On a scale of 1 to 10, 7 being the highest, I'd give it a... a 6.5. It does get a little boring if you are thirsty, strangely enough. If I were in a cool swimming pool, or lake, it would be a perfect 7. But I can't type a review in the water. edit: I would also like to say I don't think that k
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