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  1. I like it. Reminds me of the Sailor Moon soundtrack for some reason, though.
  2. I love this one, which is a bit odd, since normally I don't care for love songs, and I've never been particularly fond of the Sonic games either. Nevertheless, I think his mix is wonderfully done. The one very minor nitpick I have with this, though (and I'm not much of a musician, so I might be wrong on this, or maybe I'm imagining it), is that the male vocalist sounds just a bit flat when he starts singing. Regardless, this is one of my new favorite songs. I want to congratulate everyone involved with this for a job wonderfully done.
  3. Dorn the inspiration for the lyrics, huh? I hadn't considered that. For some reason I thought of Marvel instead when I heard this mix. Regardless, I second (or third, or whatever) The sentiment above: Yes, it is awesome that the vocalist ACTUALLY knows how to sing. Overall, I like this one a lot, and while I thought the lyrics were a bit repetitive, they're still good. As Quiver said, it has kind of an Irish feel to it, which I like. Anyway, this is excellent, and I'd like to hear more like it.
  4. Orky, this is awesome. Seriously, this is just a great mix. I loved the original and still count it among my favorite songs, and this is would be right next to it on my list. I loved the echoed piano, and I imagine the original would have sounded something like this had the game been set in a more futuristic world. You have my congratulations on creating such a wonderful remix.
  5. Oh, wow. This is by far one of my favorites. It's just the... ethereal feelings evoked by the song. It's very calm and relaxed, and it just kinda says "Hey, nothing to worry about. Just sit back and take it easy for a while." Only it doesn't really say it, so much as it projects an ethereal, dreamlike feeling that just draws you in without you realizing it. The lyrics are difficult to understand, but I think that the effect would be lessened if they were clearer. As DJP said, at first it seems like just another techno cover, but it quickly proves itself to be something else altogether. It just works. It all comes together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I really, really wish I could say more, but since I'm totally musically illiterate, there isn't anything else I can add that isn't just reapeting what I've already said. Bazooie, if you're reading this, seriously, do some more songs. This is highly memorable, and I'm certain a lot of the people who've heard this, including myself, would love to hear more.
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