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  1. I'm basing my review on the song itself, because I've never played the game. I like this song. I think that the guitarists were very good. To be able to switch to three different styles of music - and to play them well - in one sitting is very impressive. It was fun to listen to the song go from a light rock in the beginning, then to a hard rock, then use of a wawa for the last part of the song. There was nothing repetitive in the song at all, and it's a good song for any rocker to listen to, wether you're a hard rocker or an old-school rocker, it fits all the catagories, I think. The worst pa
  2. Let me just start out saying that I love this ReMix. A very soothing melody at the beginning, and then it goes into the more quick chorus. Very well orginized and smoothly played. The classical tune is what really captures the mood of a Kirby game. The whole song played by the piano. It's rare to hear so much piano in a ReMix. A most impressive song, Bladiator. You are an extremely talented musician, and I hope to hear more songs from you.
  3. I had listened to all the Super Mario 64 ReMixes, and they were pretty good. The only one that cought my attention and made me save it was 'Liquid Mario'. I came here one day, and I was surprised to see another Super Mario 64 ReMix. It's a good song. Towards the beginning, it showed kind of a dark side of the game. When it broke into the song, I was happy to hear a fast-paced, exiting song. Although, after listening to it, I was somewhat disappointed. The song lacks ingenuity. Tough it was well put together, and the choice was good, (I don't think this song has been done before) it seemed like
  4. I'm new here, (duh) and just wanted to say "hi". Hi. I've been downloading Remixes for a long time, and love them a lot. I'm a musician and a gamer. It's all I do, and I don't know anyone that plays more games than me. I like writing and want to be a writer someday. I've ben to a ton of other forums, and all of them for long periods of time, so I'm not really a newb. I'm not like those annoying newbs that spam and place the same thread everywhere in the forums. When you see me you're not like, "Woah. That guy's annoying." I get GI magazine, and have been subscribed to it for a year. I hope to
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