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  1. Daaaaaamn, fast reply. I like this And about the drums, I really didn't mean the drums part had to be strictly for time-keeping. Like I explained, it's just that in the context of this song I prefered making it relatively simple so it wouldn't overshadow what is happening in the other parts. Also, I hear what you say about music theory. I NEVER do something for the sake of trying it, like going "Oh let's try putting a supra-phrygian #14 mode there, it will be leet". I did that harmony that way because it's what I heard in my head when I was composing. I thought (and still think) that the New Continent melody lent itself to that sort of thing well, since it's already pretty "out". But, you said it, it's your opinion, I won't try to force it. And just a quick note so you'll know what I was talking about, the two octotonic scales I was talking about are made of alternance between tones and half-tones. Ie: One begins by, say, C-Db-Eb and so on, and the other would be C-D-Eb and so on. It results in a scale that is made of 8 notes, instead of 7 like major/minor and the various common modes. Sounds nifty, but it's pretty difficult to use. You'll hear it in jazz sometimes.
  2. Well, I find it strange how most people's problems are with the drums, especially since they're not meant to be the focus of the arrangement at all ! I can understand to some extent how someone would find the part a little simple, but having the drums fly off every direction at every opportunity is in my book not a good solution at all. Its role was mostly one to be one of time-keeping, since all the layers of stuff happening over it are requiring enough attention as it is. As for the harmony part being off-key, I beg to differ. It's not. I'm not checking right now, but if I remember correctly, it's based on one of the two octotonic scales, which are very common in "modern" music. That you like it or not is your opinion and it has to be respected, but there's nothing wrong there. I'm glad you liked the solos though ! A shame that you don't enjoy the song though.
  3. Oh, okay. I think you're mistaken actually. If you're talking about the harmonies during the New Continent part, at the beginning and at the end, the higher part is actually a synth, not a guitar. Now, I've had some people tell me they liked it, some don't. I guess it comes down to a question of opinions. The thing is, the synth harmony is actually two layered synths with different portamento settings, and when they both reach the note, I guess it "piles" up a little bit too much and creates some kind of mid frequency ringing. I guess I could've catched this when I was mixing, but it didn't bother me. Now that you mention it though, it is a little bit annoying.
  4. Well, I find it kinda rude to post something like that without ever mentionning what exactly you didn't like. The thing is, maybe I'd like to improve on this arrangement's weaknesses for my future ones, but with this post you're not helping me at all ! What is it about the guitars and the arrangement that you didn't like ? The flow of the song, the tone, the playing style ?
  5. Adhesive: Thanks, you have a point. I'll try to keep that in mind !
  6. Thanks everyone for the great comments ! Adhesive, what exactly did you find weak about the percussion part ? I'm interested in hearing more.
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