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  1. Oh, yes, since lots of people are asking: This is a sampled piano, namely, the one featured in the Garritan Personnal Orchestra sample library, which can be found here: http://www.garritan.com/ Also, I don't play piano myself. This was all sequenced using the piano roll and my trusty ol' mouse.
  2. Thanks for the comments everyone. I guess liking this or not really depends on what styles of remixes you like. I'm a big supporter of using lots of original material and don't mind hearing remixes that go far with the source material, so I won't take the comments pertaining to "losing" the source material as critical. After all, I had no choice but to do that else there really wouldn't have been a reason to post this mix due to the eventual similarities with kLuTz's one (which is awesome, btw, and I wasn't even aware of its existence). Also, in my defense, 600AD is a REALLY well known piece of game music, on the same level of popularity to vgm enthusiasts as say, Moonlight sonata or any classics like that, which makes me think one could go VERY far with the source material before people would start losing the original melody. I guess that also means people are going to be very critical of what you do with it. So, in the end, I stand by my arrangement and still hold it as one of my best piano pieces ever. I respect all the opinions though, and I'm glad even those who didn't like it very much found something to like in it.
  3. Haha, Terium, you're in for a surprise if you're expecting similar stuff! I suggest checking VGMix if you end up liking the piano stuff more. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments. Always an honor to have a mix posted here.
  4. Cheesetastic. I wish that solo lead's attack was a little bit smoother though, but damn, details... Very awesome. And whoever said this didn't belong on OCR, woah. Take another listen.
  5. That was a..... strange episode. Yay for universal love and peace.
  6. Yep, I think some people are reading way too much into what others say. I guess some scars are still a little sensitive. But more importantly, great work Harmony ! I love the production and instrumentation, great stuff that'll hopefully inspire everyone.
  7. Actually, chocolate would do the trick, but you could also send me chocolate AND money. Then I'd be posting those WIPs every ten minutes
  8. Awesome ! I'll be waiting for your call PriZm. Let me show those guitarists how it's done !
  9. They better ASK ME TO PLAY BASS on that track. *ahem*
  10. Haha, no, it was quite confusing, and I'm still not that sure about the D/A. Hey, BTW, posted my WIP on the project website boards. Would it be a better idea to post it here if I want feedback ?
  11. Heh, well I did it anyway . CMaj7/E - B7b9 - D/A - Bbdim7 - Amin7 - B7 - Bdim - G7sus4->G7 The tonality definitely is *snare roll!* C Major !!! Yay for Sakuraba messing with our minds.
  12. Hey Arcana, if you need help with analyzing Martel's theme, I could get the chords for you. Out of the blue, I'd say it's just ii-V-I with substitutions and stuff. It's definitely not random, anyway.
  13. Ahh, but to be fair, ktriton played a big role in there too, so I guess that makes me a demi-god or something like that . Anyway, hopefully the next remixes will be up to the hype !
  14. What's up with people calling me a god all of a sudden !? Thanks ViludeMortiae AND, I've finally started working on Kratos. Yay. Orchestral.
  15. Thanks alot guys ! It's certainly not perfect. You're probably right that most of the transitions could've been better. The truth is, as bland as it may sound, that the song was getting very hard to manage. My PC was on the verge of exploding under the weight of all the plugins and amp sims (I don't mic amps or anything, all software) and the song was separated in four different files (which might've be one of the causes of the medley-itis problem !). Anyway, just thought I'd clarify this. It's always a pleasure to read the criticisms of the OCR judges and the people here. Not always easy to take in some cases (and I do get defensive sometimes), but the only important thing is that you seem to appreciate it, and you guys are making my day Also, for those who like the jazzy ballad breakdown taken from Holy Intruder, that's mostly the work of ktriton ! Bow to him Oh, and it's Dream TheatER guys, not Theatre
  16. Wow guys, thanks for the love and the nice birthday present ! Yep, there's a 160kbps version at http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=3495 .
  17. Now now, everyone is misunderstanding me ! If I was really like you're all saying I am, I would've done an AC/DC arrangement ! I think I managed to insert a couple of nice fills in there. No, it's not Virgil Donati or Terry Bozzio playing, but damn, is there actually something wrong in making a good ol' heavy drum track ? And this is coming from a bass player. Anyway, stop reading the crap I write, go back to listening to the song, and if you can honestly tell me the drums are bad, then I give you the point. And, IMO, whether you like it or not, percussions' role IS time-keeping. Maybe I'm being overly on the defensive or something, but I really have a hard time understanding how you could find something wrong with the drum track. Barely original or simple, yes, I admit it could've been better, but saying the drums are bringing the entire song down, woah there. Also, keep an eye on VGMix. I have another arrangement in the works of a very different mood, and the drums are alot more dynamic.
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