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  1. You're asking a bunch of people that listen to video-game music about dating tips? Well, all I can say is "Good Luck" . SOME PEOPLE here are actually incredibly talented when it comes to the ladies...
  2. Uhhh, put that special armor shit on peach. Lazy shell armor or whatever the hell that was. She's fucking invincible, then. Serious, his worst attacks did 1 hp of damage to her. Plus she can heal herself when she is low on health. She frying panned his ass to hell when I tried that....took way too damn long, though. Thank God for turbo controllers and paperweights...
  3. My favorite song ever. No really, it is. I love this song. I've played it a million times, it never gets old. Oh yeah, and the rapping is well-placed, too. Absolutely no complaints about this song at all. Ahhh, what to say, what to say? *insert awkward white person dance* Yes, that says it all.
  4. You would place something as trivial and meaningless as a post count above custom, something sacred which has lasted throughout the ages? Hmmm...tsk tsk tsk, bad priorities, but if I must give in then I must...I shipped the $5 using UPS, but unfortunately most of that was spent on packaging and shipping....but really, enjoy your 29 cents. Some insight: I worked for UPS for awhile, don't be expecting that package for a long, long time...
  5. It's customary for me to charge $100 for every $5 I give out. Don't worry, I accept checks and credit cards.
  6. Hardest boss....now that I think about it, there was this guy at McDonalds once...yeah. So this kid I hated worked there, and he spit in my food. Then, I spit in his face to retaliate. Well, the little pansy starts to cry and his boss comes out....damn McDonalds boss....that was one hell of a fight. He probably would have beaten me had I not run him over with my car. That was 300 pounds of pure caucasion fatassedness coming towards me, though, can you blame me? So yeah, that was the hardest boss fight I've gone through, I've still got a couple scars from that one. Plus, I'm not legally allowed
  7. Hmmm, I really wanted to avoid saying anything in this thread, but I suppose this is a fairly decent way of introducing myself and a convenient excuse to explain the genius behind why I'm here, so...what the hell? So hey. Really, the only reason I registered is because when I would read these things, people would get concerned. So concerned, in fact, that they would bribe me to stop. Of course, in time they began to stop bribing me, so I'm stepping it up and posting now. Yesss, now bring on the bitc...umm, nevermind. Let's just say they aren't bribing me with ice cream. Hmmm, what else should
  8. The remedy to a difficult boss: Get drunk off your ass....THEN you win EVERYTHING, so games aren't difficult anymore. Sure the games tell you that you've lost, but you know better.....you know everything when you're wasted. But once upon a time, I had a problem beating Jet Force Gemini. I think the hardest part about Mizar was playing the game to get to him without killing all those sweet innocent little tribals or whatever they're called.....heh heh heh, little bastard didn't even see that rocket coming...
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