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  1. I believe that all the 10's are konami originals (have you heard of "Z" "ZZ" "omega" or any artists like that) generally DDR songs feel more like they should end at that minute and a half point because they were made to, not just cut short with an ending tacked on (when you hear some of the full versions of DDR songs you know what I mean, Rhythm and Police has a crazt section they had to cut) If you have konamix, the instruction booklet has a list of people who work for konami as well as alternate names for them (up to 5th mix obviously) Anyways... The song sounds pretty good, the lyrics are as somewhat unintelligible as the orignal (you can pick out some words here and there)... definately a little on the slow energy-less side though, as great as it is a little less filtering on the voice and a touch more energy would have brought it way up... not bad though, definately gonna stay on my harddrive
  2. great idea to make this thread endblink but someones gonna need to bump it every few weeks so it dont get deleted, preferably someone who isnt doing it to boost post count by meager amounts and id just like to add that you should keep the pic size down: A) because itll kill your bandwidth on free servers like geocities, and cause some 56kers dont like waiting around for content to load because of you (you people better not get pissed for sticking up for you...) and pic size down also means no 62.5 million frame animations either, those are a whole lot bigger and just as evil to bandwidth and load times
  3. its kinda slow, definately different, but i like it, and like World of Ruin said, it doesnt feel like a 6 minute song
  4. I really hate the original for this song, its kinda plain and boring But this is good, its has the piano feel from the original, but makes it better and the background fits in really well so its not as... bad... as the original for lack of a better expression. I'd prefer this as the FFX opening, its a great remix
  5. the ff2 battle theme is alright, he picked fitting instruments but its like he skips 1/3 of the notes in the song it could use some improvement in areas, the intro to the FF2 boss theme is good, but right after it that part loses the style he idid the intro in, and it sucks, then near the end of the FF2 boss part it gets good again I definately agree of the atma part, its very well done the victory music could use a lot if work, the intro is off beat, each instrument is on a diferent note and together it sounds disconnected and just bad, then the victory song itself sounds like he tried to mix techno and rock, it loses its similarity to the original in the rock and the techno... it kills whats left of that song, but i experimented with about 50 FF songs myself and making a good remix of the victory theme or most battle songs is hard for some reason
  6. I agree, its a great song i like how it gives you a good beat while keeping the smoothness of the original song, that makes it such a great song
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