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  1. like 8 or 9 years ago. was looking for game music and found vgmusic.com then consequently this site. i was here BEFORE there were too many chrono trigger, dkc and ff6 remixes. =-)
  2. oh. okay then. well, just in case they didnt. and yay for not having to pay for xbl! =-D
  3. if you want to play your own custom soundtrack - such as the awesome stuff on this very website - while you are playing super street fighter 4, hit your playstation button to get to your xmb. simply go to music, select your playlist and then return to the game. the music you play this way will override the games default music. just a neat fyi i wanted to share. dunno if/how this would work for 360 tho. heya, btw.
  4. im usually good on tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursday nites. most other times ill be found playing midday after work (around 3pm mountain time). i look forward to burninating more folk with my leet pyro skills. also, add aqua to the rotations. very fun map.
  5. and this is why gecko has always been one of my favorite posters.
  6. and my love for anime chicks is rekindled.
  7. agreed, xenosaga is a classic case of a game that doesn't live up to the hype. as far as old school jrpg's go this one is especially long with a story thats more nonsensical than most.
  8. i highly, HIGHLY recommend shadow of the colossus. its an experience that should not be missed.
  9. i half agree and half disagree with this method. on one hand, it helps you to try out all the characters so you get a good idea of where their strengths and weaknesses lie for when you play with or against that character. on the other hand, when the last boss is seth, it gets pretty fucked up pretty fast. i'm not a great chun li, and i had to re fight that eff head at least 10+ times with her to unlock gouki. also, if anyone is down to play on the ps3 feel free to add me. im not elite, but im not a noob either. my username is tekbunny
  10. i didnt know you guys had your own team fortress server going. im gonna have to check it out sometime. and... hey!
  11. i agree. even when ive watched TRAILERS of other game-to-movie conversions, i was always finding myself feeling that something is lacking. however, i think they mightve hit gold with silent hill. the best thing about it is that its all about the town, and not necessarily one involved plotline. if you dont believe me, play the second one. that is an awesome game that had a story of its own, just in silent hill. so the fact that they can change and introduce new characters isnt such a bad thing, especially considering they seem to have the "feel" of the game down so right. i mean, did you see pyramid head and those melting walls and the nurses? those are some pretty fucked up monsters by conventional standards, and they still had the balls to not "movie up" their enemy characters to make them suit a broader audience. anyway, im pretty excited to see this movie too. lets just see if my hopes live up to the end result.
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