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  1. I figured this was on topic for community since it's video game related, but feel free to knock it into Off Topic if you feel like it, mods. How awesome is this, huh? I was never a huge fan of Pirates of the Carribean, but I know that the combination of Disney and Bruckheimer really means quality. Jake Gyllenhaal wouldn't have been my first choice for this role, but he looks like he pulled it off nicely enough in the trailer, especially with that accent considering he was born in California. How awesome does this look, huh?
  2. Those yellow / / / / / / patterns on streets that signify an off-limits patch of road reminded me of the ramp notifications painted into the snow in SSX3 for a while. I played that game so much after I got it that those patterns were pretty much burned into my mind. I was in the kitchen one time when my dad was about to make spaghetti, and when he asked for a panlid the first thing that came into my head was "That'll be 300k." Since there's a shield in Maple Story that looks like a panlid.
  3. I played about 3 games of Crash Course today on Advanced, and it's a pretty good map. I like the setting how you have to crawl through packed streets with plenty of semis here and there. Some of the new voice inserts are pretty hilarious, like one time Zoey went off on a tangent like she was reading off an idea of a personal ad she had for herself, and another time where she was saying the apocalypse wasn't so bad because she had plenty of copy paper. Just a tip for the finale.. don't go anywhere else but the barricaded bus. It has a semi truck cabin attached to the front, but I still think
  4. The demoman might be annoying sometimes, but only if you're playing against somebody who really knows what they're doing. You gotta work in just the right timing to land either kind of ammo, especially if you get caught in a close quarters battle. I would agree with the reduction of health idea for the demo... only half heartedly, definitely no on the removal of the ability to have non-sticky pipe bombs explode on contact. I used to think the demoman was overpowered, but he's simply really effective in the right circumstances. Without those bastardized sticky bombs and their massive stoppin
  5. Heartwarming... I'll cut you.

  6. Gundam 00 was pretty good, though I was trying to watch it on Syfy and they're not too good with handling animes... they would randomly change up their schedule and play a couple episodes on a different night, or suddenly switch to playing 4 episodes a night instead of two without any notice at all. Before I had my DVR there were about 2 weeks where I was recording Gundam 00 on my VCR and I only ended up recording the regular hour of programming they had and just being generally confused as to what was going on the next week when I missed two episodes without knowing it. Not to mention I read
  7. This makes me really mad that Fox decided to renew this show instead of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Also, because of that and how they chose to cancel King of the Hill to make way for The Cleavland Show I'm no longer giving them my viewership. The only thing on their channel I'd watch anymore would be their animation block on Sundays. But all of those shows can be viewed on other networks, so I don't need to bother with them anymore.
  8. You just got told by DarkeSword.

  9. Well only convenience stores used to carry Bawls here, and then my city went from dry to wet, and every store reduced their soft drink supply by half..

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