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  1. HI!!! Where can I get your music? Can't find any info on you in NET( And one thing)) Maybe you make something on Contra Hard Corps? PLS)

  2. Hi, for "Sandopolis" I do play with a 7 string guitar, I think the tune was B. For "Eggman" it was a 6 string guitar and i don't remember for sure if the tune was D or D#.
  3. Listening to this song today made me want to listen to the whole Carcass discography (and yeah, I did it) kudos
  4. I think that what we're discussing here is far different than "wanting to have ALL rights ALL the time". If you analize the section of the policy draft that talks about removal requests you'll see that it's pretty much the opposite, since OCR gives you zero control about it, It's like it said "If you want your song removed for whatever the reason you "think" is fair, it's up to us to decide, there's nothing you can do about it. Never. Forever." Besides it's absolutely clear that DJ Pretzel can't see a fair reason to accept the removal request, so it's probably never gonna happen. Did you under
  5. Sorry to disagree, but that's like "he kills, so I'll kill too" attitude for me. That alone doesn't justify the situation, and is just another prove that something awful from this culture is entering through wide open doors in this comunity.
  6. Actually what concerns me is not who listens to my song, but where my image is attached to. You see, when an artist signs a contract with a record label and produces an album, that piece of art will be available forever, but since it s in a distinctive type of media, most of all CD's and DVD's these days, it's not something that can be changed suddenly in it's content. I pretty much doubt that the record label can change, for example, Metallica's Black Album cover to a plain white image, or even change the songs order or anythig else you can imagine, since it's surely stated in contract that t
  7. Well here's my opinion. I really like this place. I was welcome here since day 1 by Larry, and Djp made me really feel at home with his well structured and intelligent reviews about my arrangements. The whole community philosophy is ok for me, though I must say that for a musical growth I chose to be more active at VGMix.com. Everyone I met here are great people and I'm really thankful for being part of this community. I really consider DJP and all the judges around people of good will. However, the music I work in, be it original work or arrangement, is a part of who I am. It says so much mor
  8. Well, I agree a policy is needed and honestly the terms here are not as hard as we're used to see around. I agree with most of it and I even understand your points about removal requests, how much work is involved and all that. However, after reading most of this thread, it sounds to me like "we're not taking your songs out no matter the reason" and it's not ok for me, since it's obvious that IF I someday have a reason to ask my songs to be removed, it will not be taken in consideration. My questions are: Will this policy work for previously released material? If I don't agree with the new po
  9. I did it!! just a bit of pitch shifter but it's actually me laughing, hahahahahaha!
  10. Any room for a keyboardist? two keyboardists?we can launch a Rick Wakeman tribute band
  11. hahaha, you took so long to talk about that!!!! the kick is perfect, man, Rick Rubin couldn't have mixed it better. The drums are pretty much kicking ass all around and brought a new feeling to the song, it's like 10x heavier than before... Now move your ass to Brazil so we can begin the ultimate metal band. and bring Dennis with you
  12. I just have to say this teaser is amazing and very sexy too!!!! And I have some italian blood, so hooray!!!!!!!!! also, my team lost a lot to france, so hooray again!!!!
  13. Well, I was really willing to do another song for the project when SnappleMan asked if I could. We talked about it and decided I'd PM kfc to confirm with him which track to do. So, a few days ago I PM'd him to confirm, asking him to reply me before thursday so I could have some free time to arrange and record the song, but I got no response, so i'm here to say I will not be able to record the track anymore. Unfortunately I will have very little free time to invest on the song in the near future and the last free day I'll have is 06/15, but I didn't receive kfc's confirmation. I must confess I
  14. Well Snap, tell me more details about what you need and I'll do it!
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