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  1. Yeah, count me in. The 25th??? aWEXOME
  2. OMG an excuse to play Halo2!!! gamertag is Will Beers invite plz! kthxbye. </gamer> No seriously, I need to go play some Halo 2.
  3. The description of that feeling when playing Kirby's Adventure...oh man. Yeah you knew it was only a matter of time before an enemy slammed into you and made you lose the coveted UFO power...but then you grabbed a Backdrop, and it was all good. Kirby music is some of my all time favorite, so I naturally love this track, but it's a good cover of the original piece and conveys the Kirby-esque feeling very nicely. Nice work!
  4. A nice soft piece, fits well into my favorite bunch of remixes. Good beat, and the hushed voices kinda snuck up on me, hehe. Well done! I'd love to hear more stuff like this.
  5. Oh, yeah. I am deifinitely down with this. It takes the original and changes the genre completely by rearranging the melody with a decent bit of remixing and putting it against a nice, soft beat. My fiance will be so thrilled to hear this song - I'm heading out to see her today, and you can bet we'll be listening to this a lot. The FFX-2 soundtrack is one of her very favorites, and she's not even a big gamer. Of course, she knows my affinity for OCRemix so I think we can agree on this on. 8/10
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