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  1. Ok, figured I might as well put it up immediately. Would like to hear what you think of the direction in the second half. Not too sure myself yet. http://www64.zippyshare.com/v/93246003/file.html cheers! hope you enjoy EDIT: Seems like the sitar is much too loud suddenly. Mixing is a bitch... fixing that soon. EDIT2: Changed into a slightly newer version, sound levels should be a bit better hopefully. Some more superfluous guitars added. :3
  2. Thanks for all the feedback! Have been working quite a bit more on it, and just as suggested added some toms. Had quite a hard time deciding how to continue, but since you seemed to like the psychedelic vibe I pushed that hopefully even further, giving more emphasis to the Potion Shop melodies. At the moment I'm experimenting with an crescendo with a guitar solo on top of the chords from the twinrova-theme, even though my skills at those kind of solos leave a lot to be desired Will probably end with a return to Kaepora Gaebora-theme. Probably going to put up a new WIP here pretty soon. Would love to hear your opinions! Back in a while :3
  3. Just realized that a duet between CN and Terra for a closing track would be pretty awesome! WE NEED TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN!
  4. I see. I'm sorry, but I don't really think I have the spark to do anything else for the same song, considering it's such a short piece in the first place. KIND OF listened to your advice by way, even though I seem to have started getting really psychedelic towards the end now :)

    Very much in the vein of Potion Shop though. Even managed to cram in a bit of Koume and Kotake, but not really sure what to think of that so far.

    So basically, this is slowly shaping into what it is, and that'll probably be all of that. If you'd like it for the project, then that'd just be really awesome for me, and if not, I totally understand why :) I like to maintain that creative flow while I have it, but doing something per demand is a lot tougher.

    So here is how it sounds at the moment anyway;


    As always, feedback much appreciated. seems hard to get these days...

    (lack of brevity due to wine, but I think I passed for now. take care!)

  5. So I started with this one today, inspired by the Zelda-project that's up; though eventually realizing this might not be suitable for that project. So far I've laid down a decent intro at around 2 minutes, but still unsure of what to do next. So my question is basically if people like anything with it or if it's too far from source material or too experimental. Totally open for all other sorts of feedback to. Here we go Hope somebody likes it! http://www55.zippyshare.com/v/38577828/file.html
  6. Just recorded some sort of really early WIP for Kaepora Gaebora theme. Not really sure what to think of it. Is it any decent? Might think of adding some harmonized melodies for the "chorus" and perhaps some other song to finish it off with. Feedback please http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/17364269/file.html EDIT: Just acquired the skill to read properly and subsequently realized the vibe might be pretty far off from what this project is looking for.
  7. There ya go, shoved up a quick one. Edward Elric from the Fullmetal Alchemist-series. LT: Quality's pretty poor; the image isn't clear, the transparency of the edges isn't clean. Nah.
  8. Did it perhaps looks anything or slightly like this one?
  9. Oh god, suzumebachi has entered the building! Haven't even realized that you're gonna remix anything from it. Remember you're tune from Rise of the Star which was badass, so good luck on this one
  10. Well, the point is actually that I won't really count on getting in, haha. And well, as long as I'm not officially in you won't spank me over and over til' I've finished it And lastly, err, I'm not that good that I would count on getting in anyway, but like, if I come up with anything good before the deadline's here I might post it . Anyways, got this piece of art I made some months ago, and sorry for bad hosting: http://download.yousendit.com/9A9FC0212C0BF9F0 Uh, and yeah, that ones an original. Haven't completed any remix unfortunately
  11. Awesome, finally a revival of this awesome project. Firstly, I really hope Sephfire gets going with his awesome old remix since I remember it kicked some serious ass, and secondly, since you still seem to need remixes/people, and I've been damn bored lately, I'll see if I can come up with something good. My FL-ing has been quite dead lately tho, but hopefully it will be revived too
  12. Well, as long as you stick to the feelings of the original tunes creativity and originality is just a good thing
  13. Hi there! I'm not a very routinated remixer myself but I'll try to help as much as I can. Personally I love these kind of songs and it all resembles the tune People of the North Pole from FFX. I think I've heard the tune played on xylophone, or what instrument that might be, but not the rest of the song. Anyway, I'll take it from the beginning til' the end. Starting of directly, the only thing that may be needed there is some fade-in perhaps, but that's totally up to you. Otherwise theres only two thing I can complain about; the hi-hat sticks a little too loud and really lacks everything but treble. It really needs more feel to it. Secondly, there's something about the delayed synth that sounds a little 'nooby', heh . I think it is that it sticks out a little much because of the panning. Try to make it not stick out so much and reduce the height of the panningpeaks. I love the empty-sounding percussion there, and it gets even better when the woodpercussion comes in, maybe you should add some more heavy stuff later on tho. Personally I suggest you to change the xylophone to piano, but that's mainly just cuz' I like piano more ;P. The strings sound nice, nothing to change there, and then the bass comes in, nice too. I like the way you add some rimsticks or what it is too keep the rythm progressing. I love rythms so add even more You have quite a lot small things here and there to keep the thing dynamic, that's nice, but in the end it still starts to get a little repetetive. Perhaps you should go in a different direction later on; as I said, why not go more percussive . Anyway, you're songs coming on nicely and even though I got a little tired in the end it's nice so far. Just add things to keep it interesting. Good luck!
  14. (OT) Oh, this caught me unprepared. GeckoYamori, I read that name in the song and then realized, HEY, I've seen you before! First on the SuperPlay-forums and then also on the Studio-forums. Hiii!!! ;P And about the mix, haven't got much to say; it's not kickass awesome, according to my taste, but in a technical point-of-view it's nothing to complain about at all.
  15. Am I really the only one trying to use torrent here? :/ Seems dumb but I don't find neither any seeder nor leecher... And I'm too lazy to download 'em all manually atm
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