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  1. sorry to undig this, but Its just so simply awesome that I couldnt stop laughing xD Im spreading this
  2. A portuguese version should go well too... Focusing on french, spanish and japanese for now is a good idea, but you should make plans for future translations to make sure we embrace an even larger parcel of population
  3. Yes it is awesome indeed! You captured the essence of the NES and Genesis, and hey-ey! Mixed into a great secret of mana based song! It gets pretty catchy at 3:25, excelent work!
  4. Perfect, simply perfect! It's the soul of the game! You can feel what the song brings to us, all the emotion! Darn it worth every second that you spent on it! One of the best, that's for sure..
  5. Definetely a great work, the entire song remember the game, and while the song keep moving on, it seems that the game is also moving inside our souls, one of the best for me And actually, thats not the ganondorf theme, its the spirit temple OST, greatly remixed, it fitted perfectly in the end to close the song with the golden key.. Awesome, this song is fighting for the title of best Ocarina of Time mix...
  6. It was indeed a good job, the 2:48 part its really catchy! But you could've put more efforts on it, when I listened to it I though that it was missing something, something that could really grab the attention to what's been playied, oh yes, the end sucks Well anyways it was a fine job, way to go..
  7. Beautiful, everything in Harmony as every remix you do, all the game just flashed out when I first heard it, I can't lie, its on my playlist thats for sure..
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