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  1. I'm still here (yep, name change) and yeah, that sig was badass. I really liked it. Once I started getting better at Photoshop, I started making my own, but that sig was for sure teh win.
  2. hey man, welcome if you look in the "Remixing" forum, they have everything you need..
  3. ooh, I said I'd do one for ya, but I can't do animation, sorry, gonna have to leave this one to the pros...
  4. I never realized it, you've only been here since october, and have 1400+ posts...damn...thats a lot of posting! I bet they're all quality too jk You bring up an interesting point. I don't think I did either, uh, but yeah, I think at this point it is unnecessary.
  5. I offer a wide range of services, including bass guitar (fretted or fretless) and guitar....IM me for details!!! btw, I am better at bass than guitar
  6. I think I am forced to comment on this. This song IS one of the reasons I started downloading from OCReMix...I think that every new remixer should have to listen to this to get the idea of what some of the best here at OCR have to offer...I can't believe I've gone this long without praising this mix...excellent work, Mr.The Wingless, sir!