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  1. You had me going for a second, Have you ever played one,I can't say I have but I dream about getting a les paul supream, (Drools) And when I pick it up,jack in take my first warmup strum,then maybe scale in GM The world acually stops for a second to hear my riffs. There would be peace on earth if everyone had a Les Paul,well maybe I'm exagerating but I hear there sound is uncomparable.(Omnitrix leaves to guitar shop to bug salesmen into letting him rock on the Les Paul) what guage do you go with, I usualy stick to .009-.042
  2. hey silent what kind of guitar do you use, I personaly use a Strat Squire lower the saddels and attack the frett board like Steve Vai, Or at least to pretend to be Steve Vai. someday. (sighs) try to redo the song with your tounge ha ha ha jk
  3. If that isn't bashing then I don't know what is. Don't you think a car crash is a bit melodramatic.
  4. I am singer to in a band, and I think its not painfull at all to listen to. so shut your mouth and know your role jabroni. Unless you want to spend the night at the smackdown hotel.
  5. I liked this one alot, and I personaly love hearing diversity in remixes, instead of the same old themes. I didn't find a problem at all with the vocals, and the lyrics were vague enough, so that anyone can take whatever meaning they want from it. Keep them coming!
  6. theres a trick to beating all of them, Nerd
  7. The Last boss in Narc Oh man
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