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  1. hmmmm I like experimental music. Well that was the style of music i did that remix well urg started. lol I just don't know how many video game themes that would really work with. Also I kinda like to do blazing fast guitar solos with crazy arpeggios but I'll try out anything
  2. What does reading the music have to do with music theory? And I am talking about song creation/composition. In an orchestra all you need is technique and the ability to sight read and a decent memory?
  3. Well when you layer two different melodies that are in harmony. You can play the same scale and use different melodies that won't have any bad notes. I do that at the end of my thunder march jam. On my page if you clicky the banner. I mean knowing theory isn't that big of a deal. You could know all the scales and every chord and still not have a creative musical mind to make something interesting. but you can go to progression theory to give you help when trying to write or understand a song. AS far as roman numerals go they represent the notes in a scale so if you were playing on the c major scale cdefgabc c=1 or I d=2 II ect. So lets say we are dealing with the major scale. Well we can makes lots of chord sounds in C but lets take the basic one the C major chord. We need a 1st a 3rd and 5th so we look at our scale there and i guess that means we need the notes C E and G I III IV. Now the other way we can use roman numerals and numbers is when people us progression theory in the very basic form it tells you what notes make interesting progressions. But it's more used for chords. So lets say you want to make or understand a song. Well the starting point would be understanding what key it's in. The key is the scale of it, this can be confusing when some songs are made in modes or changing keys. so lets stick with c major. so now you want to write a cool chord progression on piano or whatever. Well basic lol. So you can look in a progression book and find a formula in there like cycle 5 I'll keep it basic with III VI II V so if we are basing this in the key of c major scale (cdefgabc) your going to play the chords E, A, D, G and the progression will have a certain sound and you can go from there. There are many progressions and some you will like and some you will not. But it's just musical science. I can just hear stuff, but in music school ug lol you have to do the work even if you can just hear it and play it. And the last way they are used is when they are set next to chords like Cmajor And Cmajor7 it's pretty logical the Cmajor7 adds a 7th to the chord which would be a B note and that note changes the tone of the chord. And you will see lots of different chord formulas and and different variations in names and thats all it means. And as long as you stay in key you will never have bad notes. but of course there are notes that just sound better together to certain people. I play around with lots of different harmony intervals. 5ths seem to be the most popular in music today. Also when writing melody there are patters and other things that you can learn. I love what J.S. bach did, I believe his sense of melody was the greatest in the world. If you learn songs you can kinda get a feel of what you like to hear and take it where ever you want to go.
  4. I put this in here because I haven't ever sat back and recorded a full track from a game. I am a pretty good "geetar" player you can click my banner to hear some original compositions a cover and a modern gothic metal track i started to do from gauntlet called ozibuth. and am looking for somebody who wants to work on the percussion and bass and what ever else. I can play keyboards decently as well. But If anybody is interested in that reply or pm me. I use acid 4 and fruity loops and my own effects boxes and equipment. I also am well connected with professional singers for any kind of vocal work. Female and male
  5. Well aside from the connector, if you can use a direct line audio cable instead of a usb or firewall type thing I recommend a eurotrack ub802 It has 2 xlr 3 band eq on every channel 2 unbalanced inputs as well as faders and head phone,monitor and mixer out and phantom power. I've been using it for a while It's not expensive and has great sound. if you click on my banner and check out my tracks specifically ozibuth I used it in conjunction at the time with a 300 mghz laptop to record the entire track with. you should be impressed with those results, out of a very cost effective home recording mixer
  6. Pretzel is up to his old tricks again lol
  7. Erm.. my point was that I didn't have anything new to post about on the forums lol I don't even own any video games or systems except a nintendo 64 with zelda oot. I just make music with most of my free time.And back then vg mix had a better forum for musicians but I see things have got massively more professional and it really looks great. For me video game music doth rule. But if I don't have a connection with it, the less I will be interested in looking at it. I am sure most people feel that way. Plus I can't get anything out of a remix of a melody I have never heard before as well.
  8. This kind of theory talk is overly complicating things. Most music theory is logical but you would think a question based on the science of music would only have one answer. The way some people write music ,you can almost program a computer to do it for them. Being too technical and following too many rules or trends can lead to boring compositions, which is why jazz used to be more popular then it is today. Now even most jazz players fall into trends even when dealing with complex phrasing. I say when in doubt follow your ears.
  9. on a side note gp4 can import pt files so you can use all of them
  10. It could be a few things, either your intonation is not set up properly or your pickups may be to high and the string is hitting a harmonic off the actual pickup. And this probably can also happen if your truss rod is not aligned , you can tell by checking all your natural harmonics and if you barre your finger flat across and get nothing then your truss rod needs to be adjusted. I am not really sure what you mean by feedback , there shouldn't be any feedback off anything unless you are aiming the pickups close to the speakers. Noise is not the same thing as feedback any kind of unwanted noise is wiring issues.
  11. I got an email lol from pretzel about updates to the site, I still love video game music although the reason I left because I had got tired of unmod and I don't play newer video games. My friends have done lots of remixes on the page and I haven't talked to them in a while as well and wanted to see if they did any new work in the past years, and a lot of stuff has been done lol .
  12. wow thanks thats I'll definitely check all those out
  13. lmao ^ and I have been gone around 3 years. Also thanks for the links
  14. so no more intense goatse flaming ? Cause I would be happy never to see any of that again
  15. I was just wondering how long unmod has been gone for and if anybody would care to tell me what some of the newer must have guitar remixes are. I will be doing some shortly myself. but damn this place sure looks different.
  16. Sephiroth in kingdom heats is a pain.
  17. thumbs up on this side, and you don't see this guitar god doing that much. the solo was kida weak I wanted it to screem more, other then that I liked everything.
  18. What do you mean. Its only been over a year in the making of this monster thread. What about the ghosts of pacman, in the later levels they get pretty hardcore.
  19. Um you must mean Omega weapon, and I walked over it withought using any holly war trials or any invicable item. Its all in the limit breaks.
  20. What is this talk of Seymour, Final Fantasy X was the worst for hard bosses. There was none . In fact it was disapointingly easy. Omega weapon was the saddest for me. They took the legend from 8 and made him a sissy. Final Fantasy 12 better be hard. I also want my world map back. It's no fun flying when all you do is stare at a map. The hardest boss of all time is Xero from Quake 3 on nightmare. I beat him but Him and his rail gun gave me great pain when first played it.
  21. Dead beard is way stronger. For time the last boss of breath of fire 4 takes forever, more tedious then hard. Omega weapon is the hardest boss ever in a video game acrording to alot of people, I didn't use one hero drink or holly war trial, and I had no time taking him down. But compaired to all the other bosses, he was the most antimidating. I blaim poor physics and controll, on all those nintendo bosses, one time my game glitched out on NARC, and my friend and I spent over an hour fighting him, before we realized he was invincable.
  22. alright got you added my aol is tadashi mataya and my msn is chaos_dark_gaiden@hotmail.com
  23. do you got aol instant messenger or anything, cause if you got some more remixes up your sleave i'll gladly lend my guitar or vocals. I have a few ideas I'm playing with right now. like some video game theme dueled out by 2 guitarists.
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