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  1. Welcome to OCR newbies, enjoy your stay. If you can't take it with a grain of salt then I suggest you stay away from UnMod, sarcasm runs insanely through there. Also, make sure you look at all the stickies and such...they'll teach you what you need to know. PM an older member and they should be able to help you with any questions you might have, goodluck.
  2. Read them, study them, memorize them...nah just screwing with ya, but seriously if you don't want to look like a total noob and be casted away like a piece of garbage...spending ample time reading them and trying to follow what they say is a must. Other than that you could also try PMing some people in OCR...obviously the ones who've been around for quite a bit of time, they'll help you out if they are feeling generous I am sure. That is all if you don't wish to be flamed constantly and treated as an outcast. Good luck btw...
  3. No shit eh? Anyhow, welcome to all you newcomers and don't be shy about being here. Just make sure you read the stickies before you throw yourself in there posting like crazy... Arek: Jenga is not the only one who bites in OCR, you should know that already...
  4. Good luck, if you announce that btw you'll bethrowing yourself to the dogs...the pits of hell (UnMod). Never EVER announce that you're a female and don't post any pics... This has got to be an alt...please tell me God this is an alt?
  5. Hey guys! Welcome to OCR and be careful not to get stuck in UnMod, you will be sorry for it I can assure you.
  6. Great job guys! Hey maybe I can come up with something witty enough to be on the show... Thought about it and nah! Way too shy...maybe.
  7. Be a good boy and don't scare him...and to the newbie...your not really scared of tigers are you? Nah just joking! I think that would be an awesome idea and that it should be done more often than not. Welcome my friend.
  8. Yep. One of the things people tend to forget is that it's a forum, not a chatroom. You've got plenty of time to come up with a response and type it out correctly, it's never a matter of seconds. Been here almost a year and still have horrible grammar, although my posting habits have improved over the last little bit. So what they are saying to all you newblets is that there are some people in this forum who are very anal about posting. Now this is a toughie considering if you post to little of words your just postwhoring and are too dumb to respond intelligently. If you make a long assed post they also bitch because you wrote a novel and they are too lazy to read it. My advice is to not be annoying and yet still be yourself, you will win the respect of many people in here if you do just that. Oh and one more thing sarcasm is a pretty overused thing around these parts especially in UnMod, so beware if you cannot handle that sort of thing. Went on a tangent and I forgot to say welcome to all of you and I hope you enjoy your stay in OCR, feel free to PM me if you are in need of assistance.
  9. Damn you both!!! Don't you think I have laughed enough last month? Rayza loved the whole Freudian slip there... What the hell are you saying I am gay for?? Yes we do have a pool and I already explained the 3 bedroom thing to Rayza but apparently he has selective memory, we both have our own havens aside from our bedroom. I wouldn't say next meet up should be here considering we would all be freezing our asses off with it being the middle of winter. Personally I don't think there would be a problem hosting the next summer edishun at our house. I am still holding you to coming over here Rayza to watch movies...you can come over at any point you know (bring some movies). As for TheDewk... Couldn't help but laugh at the night terror thing, it really did scare the shit out of me. Yes he did swim in our pool and used our BBQ. As for the show, you guys rock and keep the good stuff coming. BTW I didn't think that was offensive Rayza and loved the point of "free radio" where you have to watch what you say... Keep it up guys and can't wait for the next one.
  10. A boar you say... What kind of show are you guys doing here? Maybe I just heard it the wrong way, you wouldn't kill poor defenseless animals would you? Rayza didn't we tell you umpteen times to stay away from the animals...
  11. Just thought I would pop in and say hello to all the newcomers... Welcome to you all! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions as I would like to help if I can.
  12. Just wanted to pop in and say hi to all the new people, welcome to OCR. Careful on where you post and how you post, make sure you take a gander at the stickies too. Beware...sarcasm runs widly through here. Welcome.
  13. Hey to all you new people and have fun, have a wary eye for sarcasm though... It runs rampant through here.
  14. Do you have to scare all the new kids before they even get a chance to experience UnMod? Go ahead and go on in, it's fun.
  15. Good luck and have fun, if you have any questions feel free to PM me.
  16. Hey to all you newblets, glad you could join. Hope to see some intelligent conversation in the near future, beware of UnMod if you don't take to well to sarcasm.
  17. Hello to all the newbies, hope you enjoy your stay here in OCR. I am sure you have been warned but just incase beware of UnMod...it isn't exactly like the brady bunch in there. Nice to meet you though and if you have any questions go ahead and PM me.
  18. Just wondering if someone will make me a new sig? I like the one I currently have but I am looking for a change. I would do it myself however, I am lacking in those skills and I am not even sure I could make a stick person. So if anyone has the time to make me a new one that would be appreciated, and you can have free reign on how it's done. Just some things I like are: the colour purple, hentai or anime girls and maybe something to mention that I love Mahaboo.
  19. Again welcome to OCR, beware of UnMod though people that post in there can be ruthless and a little cranky when "rules" are not followed properly...
  20. Thought I should come in and say hello to you all, hope your stay in OCR is enjoyable for you.
  21. That is an interesting start and if you go into UnMod you will be known as a noob<-- just a warning for you.
  22. Welcome to you in the OCR forum but like others may say and tell you take their advice and lurk for awhile. UnMod might not be a place to start if you take things to heart when there is only extreme sarcasm. Listen to Mahaboo and you will do alright when coming in here to post...by the way if you came here to fuck around UnMod is going to be a scary place for you<--flaming...other than that welcome and have fun!
  23. Welcome...make sure you read these posts because if you don't and go into places like UnMod and do something completely stupid you will get your ass flamed...
  24. Something new I suppose not that I don't like this one, I am just looking for a change is all.
  25. Okay guy's whoever is willing to help me.......I would like a new sig if possible and the design and whatever else you need to do can be up to you totally...what do you think can someone help me? I would very much appreciate it thankyou.
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