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  1. I've listened to this song a lot since it was originally posted, and since then I've gotten better at playing the guitar. My genre of choice is the ol' folk/folk-rock style, and I've had an urge to learn to play it. Any chance you could write out a tab, or send me some sheet music for the guitar part of this? It would make a great addition to my slowly-growing repertoire.
  2. This song is great, but the Male Vocalist could have worked on some things (but this could just be me being picky, being a vocalist myself). For one thing, the vowels aren't very clean at all. The vocal infliction, as previously mentioned, also could be worked on. It still sounds good though, so kudos to you all!
  3. If it wasn't for his recent submission 'The Place We Knew', I probably would have never found this track or his others. This truly is a gem though. It is definitely one of the most advanced solo piano songs I've heard on this site thus far, it being full of expression and feeling (what most piano mixes tend to be iffy at).
  4. This remix is awesome. It has a kind of Doo-wop style among other things. The lyrics are great and are humorous. The music complements itself well. This Remix makes me want to get up and swing dance.
  5. Did you come up with a title yet? And I'm guessing nobody wants to pick up an extra song...? What song is left? I might try and conjure something up.
  6. Right, I'd get a sample of what I can do, but my microphone sucks and doesn't record my voice very well. I'll have to wait until I find a decent mic to use.
  7. Not on me, but I could always record something? Perhaps I should conjure something up.
  8. I'm a baritone in actuallity, but my Jazz Choir teacher got me to sing Tenor. And then she got me to sing with the Concert Choir too, where I used alot of falsetto, broadening my range. And I'm only 15! Imagine what I could hit once my voice settles down..!!
  9. Just in case anyone's wondering, my vocal range spans from a two octaves below middle C to middle C or so, and my falsetto can almost reach 2 octaves above that.
  10. Heh, after posting those three times, I realised I should have done it. Perhaps I should do that now >>;
  11. Come to think of it, I can also play the harp for anyone if needed.
  12. Oh, also, if you need a male vocalist, I can fit the part well. I've a rather broad range, I'm a Baritone, but sing Tenor in my school's Jazz Choir, and can also hit some pretty low bass notes.
  13. I've always been meaning to do a remix, but haven't quite gotten to one yet. I'm always getting various ideas in my head though. Currently though, I'm thinking Regal's Theme done by a Jazz Trio. I would just have to conjure up a place to record it though. Not unless anyone can lead me to a program that I could use for something like this ;;
  14. This mix seems to add more jazz feel to the original tune, the piano being the leading reason of such. The drums in the background are good for the Jazz Waltz feel it's got. Good mix.
  15. I really enjoy this remix, it all sounds good and seems to help me relax. The guitar melody is perfectly layed out and played.
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