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  1. Wow... Love the Mix!!! It's like my fave. song and you made it COOLER!!! But It still doesn't Compare to the original Hahaha... But It's HELLUH TIGHT!!! 11/10
  2. Well, It ain't that But but it Ain't the SHarpest Kunai in the Puch Y'KNow... But still a Cool Remix, I enjoyed the Cellphone part LoL... Unlike some people who don't really Like it though but It's still Different. That Noise in the Backround was Kinda annoying after a while though... White Noise is REALLY Annoying... Oh well
  3. Ohhh, My... Gosh!!! I love this song, it's so Beautiful!!! Water is like my Ultimate and most Fave. Element.... So I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! How much better can Music Get!!!!
  4. m00t... Yer not that Bad... I liked it though!!! 8 1/2
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