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  1. Been a while when I last stopped on this site. I have 4gees of OC in my hard drive so there hasn't been major reason to! Now I'm here and I noticed that once again I'm sipping dark Eastern European beers and enjoying this tune (about 4 times in a row). This brings some memories from summer of 2007. I got my first job that fits to my education from downtown of Helsinki. Every now and then I took my bike and ride it to work. I usually put this song on from my MP3 player and tested if I'm able to ride across 9:00 AM Helsinki crosstown traffic to office during the duration of BlueLightning. Usual
  2. Mindblowing. Prodigy buys ESP heavy guitar and meets Uematsu-san at the counter. This Remix, rapid "shock lights", some /plenty of alcohol running in my veins and a crowded, hot dancefloor would make any of these days.
  3. No Huhhuh.Äijällä on näkemystä. I was (tired)arriving from Rovaniemi to Helsinki(Both in Finland) with train and in Lapland there was this ruska(donnow what is it in english ,leaves of the trees turn yellow and red)thing going on and I was sitting in the train and watching the this beatiful but melancholy landscape rolling by and listening this from my laptop. There are these perfect moments in life when you are in your own "bubble" and everything else escapes and you just hope that the bubble lasts a little longer before it pops. I had that moment in the train with this song and when the g
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