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  1. Great, thanks! I kept thinking it sounded like, "Yoda did it!" or "Yuna did it!" and of course, neither of those would FIT in Zelda 3. *Laughs* Okay, that just further raises my amusement of this track. In addition to a Hylian prom, now I'm going to have the image of wannabe-gangsta Ganon and his leather-jacket cronies tagging school property while Link's trying to get his chords right. I really hope there'll be more as amusing as this one.
  2. Definitely interesting! I'm normally wary of anything with voice acting, but this one completely cracked me up. I absolutely love it. My only problems were hearing difficulties. I couldn't tell Link was swearing in the beginning until I turned the volume up twice its normal level. And the people shouting in the background were talking at nearly the same time as the Princi-PAL, so it was hard to tell exactly WHO they were saying sucked at any given time. What the heck is the kid saying at the end after the "Suck my Triforce" bit? I thought he was just yelling "YOU did it!" but it almost soun
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