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  1. To be fair to you, you live in Madison, which is pretty much an entity unto itself when compared to the rest of the state.
  2. And man does it dominate the search results. I had to physically click IN Urbana to double check. Bastards!!
  3. Yes, yes I see that now.....when I did the search, the university downtown came up as the "University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign" so now I am thoroughly confused. Labeling mistake??
  4. No no, you misunderstand. I haven't been here in awhile. That information is old....very old. I live 12 blocks north of the *Chicago* River, on Dearborn, near Division. I assume you are from the uni of Chicago just south of Union Station....just west of the river, no?
  5. So, uhh, Wes, we should meet up sometime. I live about a dozen blocks north of the river, in the Gold Coast....
  6. The thing you have to remember with many technologically-based degrees is that they often are hard-pressed to keep up with the industry in terms of software and methodologies. With places like Adobe pumping out new Suites every year and a half, and new technologies becoming popular by the year, it's hard for the school to keep up. With any of these sorts of degrees, the onus often falls upon the student to make up the ground that the programs have weaknesses in through industry research. That has been my experience with multimedia degrees in general. You will live and die by the work that you
  7. No kidding. Good on them. Their high bar work was simply electrifying.
  8. If you're talking about yourself we'll need to see some print work in your portfolio since all of yours appear to be screen. ...Is there a well-traced Vector EPS of it somewhere...? I sure hope somebody has one, even if it's not distributed.
  9. Try telling that to an installation artist. Audience interaction is the name of the game for many of them.
  10. If being 'for-profit' is a disqualification from being art, then our art galleries, art history books, and music libraries would be empty. Be careful when attempting to condemn the whole of commercial art for doing it for the money. How on earth do people believe artists are able to not starve to death with this sort of thinking?
  11. I disagree. Jill’s statement came off very hostile to me. It sounded a lot like censure to me. A ban is merely the final form of censorship. Maybe you want to take it out of this thread which is utilized for support of OCR OurStage? Fine, but don't outright end it. Listen, I see both sides of the issues. PhiJayy is pointing out the [blatantly obvious] flaws in the system, and honestly, the nepotism is pretty thinly veiled, and even encouraged by the site proper, it appears. But you guys are leveraging the power of a community to which you have dedicated many hours to, which is also understanda
  12. Yeah, 'moving out' did more damage than the custom maps in my not joining.
  13. I see that Fusion hasn't yet lost his delusions of grandeur.
  14. Alright. I'm not quite sure what you want to know, but you said talk about media and technology classes. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Multimedia Design. As I do graphic design and non-Flash based web design, that is the programming and work that I will be touching on. I've had a lot of good experiences, and quite a bit of bad, so here we go. First thing first, students NEED to have the WYSIWYG web editing stuff NOT TAUGHT to them. Too many students are coming out of schools not knowing the first thing about CSS and (X)HTML and getting jobs laying do
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