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  1. Yeah this is an oldie, a extremly creative and orginal song of Gato's with humor and finesse. i got the old verson, wich has some dialoge as it goes to this smoothe boy band style *telephone* hello? wha zup girl gato is that you? you know ill always love you you know i got some metal joints! are you ready? so lets go oh gato =D Anyways, i noticed that the sounds from the audience(laughter) is ripped from the movie "Ghost World" =D right after they exits the school on their graduation XD my favorite oc song! great work dale & mustin! ...Has it been 5 YEARS already!?! damn im getting old =E
  2. haha! yess! my words exactly! the 30 seconds at the start REALLY made me think this was gonna be one of the 10 best remixes from this site! next to mayfortunesmileuponyou and other just remarkable mixes! BUT then this shitty trance beat comes in and totally destroys all hope! could someone please make the rest of this song after the 30 seconds? maby some piano or other relaxing instuments in this remix? why! why o why didnt u finish that remix?