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  1. 8 Eyes for NES http://www.viddler.com/explore/Rootchan/videos/16/ http://www.viddler.com/explore/Rootchan/videos/17/
  2. I'll bring a Wii, 4 wii motes, 4 nunchucks, and 4 wavebirds. Also, Brawl and Mario Kart (I've everything unlocked in Brawl, and will have most everything unlocked in Kart by the weekend as well). I'll bring a wii wheel if anyone wants to try it.
  3. I just got my copies today and Jill drew a little jigglypuff on the back of the package, lol! That's freaking awesome! Thanks Jill! Can't wait to listen to it while I drive tonight Jill = Win
  4. Mmmmm, pudding... Gonna try to make this this weekend for a bunch of friends
  5. You can put me down as definate I love Baltimore meets! Oh and whoever organizes a philly meet whenever can just put me down as definate on that one too.
  6. Aw man that sucks. Wierdest thing... I was in the hospital for appendicitis a week ago!
  7. Count me in! It's nice cause that's the only weekend in June I'll be available.
  8. Shit just realized I'm going to be in Canada that weekend. Gonna have to take me off the list. Sorry man
  9. Jill of course So yes, she does in fact, "Rock" Damn I can't wait until Otakon so we can all hang out again.
  10. I was married. You met my ex wife Meg at the meetup last weekend Also I believe Mr. Dale North is married as well
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