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  1. 8 Eyes for NES http://www.viddler.com/explore/Rootchan/videos/16/ http://www.viddler.com/explore/Rootchan/videos/17/
  2. I'll bring a Wii, 4 wii motes, 4 nunchucks, and 4 wavebirds. Also, Brawl and Mario Kart (I've everything unlocked in Brawl, and will have most everything unlocked in Kart by the weekend as well). I'll bring a wii wheel if anyone wants to try it.
  3. I just got my copies today and Jill drew a little jigglypuff on the back of the package, lol! That's freaking awesome! Thanks Jill! Can't wait to listen to it while I drive tonight Jill = Win
  4. Mmmmm, pudding... Gonna try to make this this weekend for a bunch of friends
  5. You can put me down as definate I love Baltimore meets! Oh and whoever organizes a philly meet whenever can just put me down as definate on that one too.
  6. Aw man that sucks. Wierdest thing... I was in the hospital for appendicitis a week ago!
  7. Count me in! It's nice cause that's the only weekend in June I'll be available.
  8. Shit just realized I'm going to be in Canada that weekend. Gonna have to take me off the list. Sorry man
  9. Jill of course So yes, she does in fact, "Rock" Damn I can't wait until Otakon so we can all hang out again.
  10. I was married. You met my ex wife Meg at the meetup last weekend Also I believe Mr. Dale North is married as well
  11. It might have been me, unless they started over when upthorn joined in, which was after I put down the first 3 letter word.... my bad, I don't ever play scrabble. Plus all I has was W X Y 2xA's and like an L
  12. Man, security at Peabody are a bunch of assholes. They wouldn't let me out of the garage. They were like "We're closed. We have no reason to let you out because you didn't pay". And then I said "Look I was expecting to pay and I'll give you the money right now. (whipped out a 10)". Then he was like "Oh no, I can't take your money here, no ones on duty." So I was like "wtf" Then he continued to tell me how I was parking there to get a freebee cause I knew the garage was closing regardless of the fact that I tried to pay him right then and there. And he then accused me of getting free parking on a 'regular basis'. I've parked there once before and that was in December for the meetup. Which, when I had to leave, went to the garage, rang the buzzer, told the guard I was hanging out with friends and needed to get my car, he opened the garage door with no questions, I got my car and left. This guard then told me that me and 15 of my friends all had the same idea about free parking. DJP left before dinner and had to deal with this dickhead before we did. And he offered the guard money also, saying that he wasn't expecting free parking, but the guard wouldn't have any of that either. *sigh* But I'm home now. And the meetup was alot fun, as usual! Thanks everyone for a great time! P.S. - Jill should be on American Idol and show all those n00bs a little something of how it's really done.
  13. Nice, a Saturday meetup! Count me in! Well, I'd come whatever day of the week it was. Screw work.
  14. Thank you so much for inviting me! I had alot of fun. Oh, and to all you who missed it, you missed out on a freaking awesome performance! I was absolutely floored. It was flawless! Jill is someting else. She's incredibly talented, as you all pretty much already know, but to actually hear her perform live was simply amazing. I really liked all the emotion she put into it as well. Much love! And damn.... it was good, like, really good Jill = Pro
  15. I sure hope the next meetup is on a saturday. And unfortunatelly I talked to green tentacle and he won't be able to attend. He doesn't have anyone to cover for him tomorrow. But other than that I can't wait! See you tomorrow
  16. Ok, my boss gave me the day off! Oh and I may be bringing the green tentacle as well. He's checking to see if he can schedule himself off of work next week.
  17. I would love to attend. Gotta try to get off work though. It's difficult cause I only have a week and I've already taken a week for Magfest and 2 sick days and plan for 2 more weeks off later in the year for Otakon and Las Vegas. But probably a 90% chance I can make it. Which is pretty good. My boss kicks ass. Yay!!!
  18. Yeah I have about 80% of Shaels performance. The only thing Pixie wanted from me though was the audio from the OCR panel. Been pretty busy with work this week so hopefully I can get to that this weekend. Yay! I'm one of the 3 then that got that thanks to Larry's show.
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