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  1. i can honestly say i have never seen fosters anywhere over herep.s. fantastic mix. perhaps not to my personal tastes but its easy and enjoyable to listen to all the same. as everyone else has already been saying, absolutely tip top job with the vocals and the overall polish of the mix. awesome job, hope to see more work from you, and more to the point more vocals
  2. cheers smoke and no i wasn't really serious about the sigs, but a couple of them are monsterously huge
  3. hi i'm levvy and i wanna be a mongoose dog couple of quick questions (i'll ask here cos they really don't deserve an entire thread) a) is #ocremix and the forums the same community? a few other forums i've posted on i've jumped in irc and said hi and everyone's liek "wtf who are you". so yeah are they generally the same group of guys or seperate entities? why are everyones sigs so big and can i start a petition to shrink them? on a more serious note, is there an option i missed somewhere to browse without sigs showing? c) i'm after some advice on buying instruments (primarily a new synth)
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