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  1. Descent is my oldest and most favorite of all video games. I own Descent II and 3, and I will never sell them. More depth would be welcome, but overall it's fantastic.
  2. I'm looking for a soundfont or soundbank that is an ECW file designed for a SB PCI 128, and is better than an GM/GS waveset version 5.x. I want something that can improve the quality of my 128 b/c it's my best card so far and I believe that it is capable of more, but it just needs the proper files in the right format.
  3. Hi! Call me be my username, Zantor! I am new here as you may have guessed, and I have questions about remixing. One in particular is if I can remix without a keyboard like a Kurzweil, but with just a computer, because me resources are very limited.
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