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  1. I'm thinking that I'd like to join you guys (my voice isn't that annoying), but I need to know if it costs anything to create a second account (and how much). I don't really want to use my brother's account (although it is technically mine until he pays me back the $40 I lent him for Live)
  2. I can't stand those darn robo-voices... however, it doesn't detract too much from the remix. That's really my only complaint. 92/100; pretty damn good I can honestly say that I listened to this remix for well over an hour straight after downloading it PS- to whoever mentioned it before: you're so frick'n right... we need more 80s mixes we need more 80s mixes we need more 80s mixes we need more 80s mixes we need more 80s mixes we need more 80s mixes
  3. Simply put: wow 31 flavors of asskicking; It is all that is Awesome condensed to a single point at the end of a post... The masses kneel before it's might (Translation: thanks, Joyzilla. I Love IT)
  4. Could someone make a sig for me? I'd like (unless my brain just completely made it up) a sig w/ the rabbi robot - I think I saw it on a commercial for conan o'brian, back when it was on comedy central (it was a dude wearing spraypainted boxes with tubes for the arms/legs) you'd know it if you saw it. If hunting down the pic is too hard, then just one of those toy robots from the 50's or whatever ... with my name of course no rush, though
  5. Hi I've actually been here for awhile (not that anyone would know), but something happened, so I had to register with a new account (forgot why, it was a while back) so now it looks like I've only been here for about six months. I have a serious lurking problem, so I don't really post that much (A reflection of my real-life [lack of] social skills, possibly) and anyWHO... isn't there a thread or two where I could get a sig? I'd appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. ... One last thing: UnMod is the best, until you actually post and get third-degree burns from the resulting flames - maybe thats why I have such a strong aversion to posting.
  6. I am editing this first post of mine. If you notice this, PM me telling me about it... NO YOU WON'T WIN ANYTHING
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