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  1. This is really good. Kinda gives me an Instant Remedy vibe
  2. How has noone commented on this yet? This 100% badass. Its so clean and catchy. People really don't know what they are missing. Awesome
  3. you found this 11 year old thread for this? haha. i had one after that one but i dont have it anymore. hearing the nsf now it could be fun to try something. i havent done really anything in years but since its you mae, maybe, just maybe ill try and put something together. i might ask nuts for help as well. also hi mae!
  4. hmmm it kinda sounds like that one ff legends song during some of it. its been too long to remember a name and im too lazy to go look for it, but that is what it sounds like to me
  5. i have known nuts a loooong time, and he over and over again he amazes me with the way he writes his music. to write this song in this key and have it sound so good is just kinda funny i suppose. I usually hear WIPs of his tracks, but this one i didnt even know he was writing until i saw it on the front page. Nuts always out-does anything he has previously done. i am not sure how he keep on going, but im sure glad that he does. awesome job as always
  6. Now it's been forever since ive logged in here. This remix though....holy shit. This song is perfect, the way everything goes together is kind of ridiculous. hopefully it doesnt take as long to hear from you again....just awesome. there is really no more i can say about it
  7. not sure about anyone else, but the midi wont play for me, and it does nothing when trying to load it into FL. the song on youtube sounds nice though, i might do something for this. EDIT: going to http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/ and getting it there works.
  8. hehe unfortunately i was supposed to be one of the few artists that never finished. In a way i am glad that happened because Blind's, Rayza's, and Nuts' mix would put anything i write to shame lol. There is nothing i could do to put together a mix with this kind of quality. The whole soundtrack from this game is very awesome indeed, and i hope others will decide to take a crack at some of the kickass source tunes this game has to offer, even if it only has like 5 of them. What Nuts has done here was turn an already awesome source tune into something muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better. Honestly until last night i had forgotten that he even finished this song, but im not sure why. I have listened to this song about 10 times since last night and to me it sounds better now than it did a couple years ago. While this isn't a style of music im too familiar with, nuts just makes it sound awesome. Very jealous of your skills. Honestly I don't think you are capable of making a remix sound bad even if you tried haha. Congrats on the mixpost my friend. I'm sure the next one will be even better. Talk to ya later!
  9. Mae left me a msg about this sooooo yeah, toss a marker on Milwaukee, Wisconsin for me please. thanks
  10. I started to work on this for the PRC 260 Free round and while it didn't win or anything, what i had there was pretty rushed and unfinished. I have added quite a bit since and wanted to share with you all. There is a lot more i have to write on it, but im not sure which direction to go. Any feedback i can get from would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. http://www.mediafire.com/listen/55abse8j8mls85b/cheetahmen%20song9.mp3
  11. Thank you Bundeslang for uploading my song for me. i really did have more done, but completely forgot to get it in by the deadline. No worries though, maybe i will actually finish it sometime. good luck everyone!
  12. That Greylancer song is pretty nice..maybe too nice. I've been super bored lately and that song is catchy, so i'm gonna give this a try and see what happens.
  13. although i dont really have the ideas...and nuts didnt do the bonus mix like he said he would..i will TRY!!!...and i mean tryyyyy to come up with at least something. ill put a few hours into it tonight. if all i can come up with is crap though....not so sure ill submit so i'll TRY...but i suck so who knows what will come of it..and if im reading that right a have like a full day to do so right?... wish me luck -allen
  14. here: http://www.mediafire.com/?p1o93miuengsnb2
  15. yeaaah, someone should definately go ahead and remix this, i listened last night and its been stuck in my head all day. sooo SOMEONE GOOD NEEDS TO MIX THIS. dont make me do it very nice find btw
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