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  1. Very nice remix! Smooth and easy for the ears... Good job! Vortaka P.S. This will feel a little "bad" of me, asking for this, but I love the song so much, it would be cool to have a longer version; 5 or 6 minutes... With, I dunno, some repeat and tweaks in those, You know, if and when you have the time... Would be cool!
  2. Very cool! A Zelda tune with some Kirby's beat... Nicely done!
  3. I'm not really a blues fan myself but this goes to say, never judge a song only by it's "style"... And the mix between the music and the lyrics just makes it all worth while! Pleasure to my ears!
  4. This is a very relaxing SMW remix... Really it is! It is very good and calm and everything... Another one that's going in my remix partition!
  5. Alrighty! Wow, now that's a song that put me in a very good mood!!! Yes sir! The lyrics are very well though off (yes they are!). The song is good and the mix is just increadible! Wait a go Star Salzman!!! (Oh, and for the record, since I have so bad hears, I won't give it a perfect note... Instead, I'll give it a 9.99 on 10) Hehehe...
  6. Ok, I'm NOT a remixer or anything... Nor am I plugged into music 24/7... But what I hear is good... It has a nice and unique style. A cool and smooth rythm... Every note is well placed and sounds very good! It goes in my Nomad all the way! Great work!
  7. Another kLuTz supreme!!! Really good music in a really good mood and the piano solo is very well played! I loved it and my ears did as well!!! Good thing kLuTzl, keep up the good work!
  8. Three letters (and an exclamation mark) WOW! It's very nice actually and as a Megaman 2 fan, it deserves it's place! It may be a little short but no matter, it still sounds good! Way to go!
  9. I'll have to go simply with sweet! Even if in some parts (like the intro) it's kind of long before the "real" music starts, it's still very good! Good job!!!
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