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  1. What can I say? After listening to about a dozen okay/decent remixes I stubbled upon this, not expecting much and nearly joygasmed. Absolutely amazing work, zircon! The other songs in my favorites are going to be jealous.
  2. I could write pages on how amazing this song is to me, but I don't want to rant. I'll just say that this song is one of my absolute favorites. Then again, I love all of Reuben Kee's music. Amazing work. I couldn't give it any lower than 98/100. Why not 100? Well there's always the tiniest little tweaks I wish were there.
  3. Overall a good remix, but for the first half of the song it sounded like the remixer was forcefully keeping the song at a boring march-type tempo. Little to no variance till the end, and then still the whole song still suffered a little from this mechanical tempo, which really conflicted the natural theme. But I'm just making myself clear about one small little problem. I'm being picky. [Edit: I posted that without reading other reviews, then went back to read the ones that were similar to mine. noticing that so many people agreed that it's melody suffered, i went back and checked out some of his other music... I’ll just say this... it sounds like he takes the song, and normalizes the entire thing to a 4/4 march and then makes up for this weird fetish by having great samples, smooth transitions, and all that other jazz. Almost all of his peices suffer from this, but for some it works, but not this one. I'm not saying it's bad, but i just can't stand Grey's taste for rhythm. It's still a decent song, overall]
  4. I've heard a ton of incredible music from this site during the last two years that I have been comming here, but this track required me to register so I could rant. It's awesome. Yes it does sound somewhat Danny-Elfman-esque at the beginning but it's definitely welcome in my opinion. Around 2:00 the balance of techno to orchestral was incredible. Between 2:15 and 2:30 one steps back and the other takes the lead. The first half is gorgeous and sort of apprehensive, the second half is very daring. The great transition from one to the other gives the listening group a rush. Awesome peice.
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