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  1. Ailsean, you are Lord of the Guitar! And Kaijin is also among my top remixers now. Besides Terra in Black, this would have to be my favorite remix EVER! I added this to my Castlevania Remix CD. (yes, all of the tracks are cv remixes) Well done, Ailean and Kaijin!
  2. .....Zero will rule all. While X may get stronger and stronger, he is an idiot. He always discards his stuff after hes done, and then something new comes up and he has to get new equip. Zero always has his there. Anyways, this Remix was AWESOME!
  3. NO! He is MY Guitar God!!! Oh, well, I can share... aaaaanyways, Ailsean, pleeeeaaaase make more awesome remixes!
  4. This is the only reason I joined this site: Ailsean's music. Ailsean, YOU RULE! I give this song 2 thumbs up! Would giv more, but I only have two...so, I am off to get more hands! d(^^d)
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