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  1. My favorite peice on all of Ocremix. It's soothed me to sleep on more than one occasion. Puts me at peace. I love it.
  2. This song makes me happy, deep down inside.. ... Just where it shouldn't! > ... *salvates on self. n.n;* *rocks out and taps on desk while playing war3...*
  3. Once they were enemies- Now friends.. Beautiful. Like the song! It's a taste of diversity I would like to see more of.. oh ... er.. I mean.. HEAR more of. silly me.
  4. I would have to agree with the judges: great style, funk, and real ATTITUDE especially at the start, however the samples were far below par. It takes much away from the song in my opinion. Talented arrangement, however.. I would have given it a NO, personally.. But this is only because I would love to see it redone with better samples. :>
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