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  1. Long time there was an Activity here. Just want to tell you Ryu Next Generation and the Ken Song are two of my favorite songs (not only Remix). A Guile Theme Remix would be the TITS!!!

  2. Hi guys. Joe Darwish here. I am the Creator of the The Ken Song... after so many years the ken song still lives on ! never thought it would have this kind of reaction. thanks for listening... if you care to listen to some of my other stuff you can go to.... www.myspace.com/joedarwish or become a fan on facebook ! www.facebook.com/joedarwishmusic Thanks Guys REALIZE YOUR (or You're) KEN
  3. Sonic and mario should be in a fighting game... anyone agree?...
  4. New songs for my album are up on myspace... have a listen and see what you think. Cheers
  5. thanks for your comments.. if you are myspace members it would be great if you could leave comments on my myspace page.. thanks.
  6. Hi guys my name is Joe Darwish. maker of "the ken song"... would just like to invite you guys to my myspace page... if you could add me and/or leave comments on my page, would be much appreciated.. www.myspace.com/joedarwish i am actually currently working on a RYU remix.... maybe you guys could add suggestions as to what the name of the song should be called? currently i am thinking of the name "RYU SONG". i also have a 10 track ORIGINAL album coming out soon. thanks for reading. Cheers Joe (jd-project)
  7. 2 new songs on my website from upcoming EP www.joedarwish.net Let me know what you think.
  8. Polar i will, as soon as i get signed and make the album working with a pro producer and all the time in the world to perfect it.
  9. you guys have obviously listened to the first version so much you never gave the second version a chance.. i admit the guitars are better in the first version, but the drums and vocals are much much better in the second version.
  10. Ok. Lets do a vote... type 1 if you like Ken Song 1 better type 2 if you like Ken Song 2 better start..... now.
  11. by the way it is " Realize you're Ken " and you can hear the new version here http://www.web-media.info/thekensong.m3u cheers, Joe.
  12. THE KEN SONG V2 is available on my website for download now www.joedarwish.net have a listen and sign the guestbook also listen to other tracks on my ep. Cheers Joe.
  13. Site Is Up and running Attention, everyone. The Joe Darwish site (maker of the Ken Song) is up and running and working now. You can listen to his new track "Wake Up" which is available for download and sign the guestbook. Stay tuned for more tracks off his new EP to be available on the site. http://www.joedarwish.net Cheers !
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