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  1. don't know if this has been posted http://www.ableton.com/frame/tips/2004_02 basically, if this works (I haven't tired it yet) you can record live audio with Reason! edit: tried it just now and it works perfectly! woohoo!
  2. it's all good guys, I got my misplaced order cancelled and my hoddie is on the way. So the rest of you just wait in line.
  3. question for leviathan: I placed 2 orders exactly 10 days ago, one I emailed to be cancelled, and the one I didn't cancel hasn't been shipped either. Both have 'pending' as their order status... Does it usually take this long?
  4. Heh, nub. not until I noticed that they never escape a grab... seriously the game's AI is godly and stupid at the same time. The best time to grab against the AI is when it is attacking, and you are not being hit by that attack. It does have some crazy abilities when it is just plain blocking, but it rarely breaks the throw if it is in action. haha I know how to play the game. I played a bunch of SC2 and had bi-weekly get togethers with 5 other friends on a regular basis. It's just damn frustrating when you throw in a 5 hit combo with mixups and the AI blocks them all flawlessly, but doesn't escape a simple A+G grab o_O||| godly and stupid is right about SC3s AI.
  5. Heh, nub. not until I noticed that they never escape a grab... seriously the game's AI is godly and stupid at the same time.
  6. currently...Soul calibur III computer AI is kicking my ass -"-
  7. leviathan, I placed an order recently under the account wu43@purdue.edu and I messed up. I meant to order a large only, and I think the cookies from before automatically put a medium in there that I had in my cart and I didn't notice. Do you think you can change that for me? I just placed the order a second ago. Thanks
  8. when are the next shipment of large hoodies coming in? Waiting
  9. can you load those free SF2 samples (say squidfont orchestra) into the NN-XT of reason 3.0? I read earlier in the thread that VSTs wouldn't work in reason, or are they the same thing?
  10. wow good idea...I should've thought about that! I'm going to try it asap and I'll post back. THANKS!!
  11. Oh another question from me. I've been working with the orkester soundbank for a while. I love it! But I wonder if there's anyway to "multiply" the amount of violins playing a melody so it sounds like a group of violins (duh). Other than making 18 NN-XTs loading them all with VNS Long F and copy+paste the notes in sequencer.
  12. yea I have the sampler's master volume on 100 as well. Hmm well what I'm thinking is, export the song as wave, and when I convert it to mp3 boost the volume? I'll try the scream4 trick. Btw I'm using a SB Live! oh wells I'll figure out something eventually I guess If anyone knows anything more to this please tell me!
  13. I have a problem with the volume output by reason. It's lower than say an audio output from a song played on winamp. I have my master volume on 100 and velocity for the instruments are ranged from 70~100. Is there a way to make it louder?
  14. hmm. It doesn't seem to work. It should tho. I export midi from FL, import to reason and nothing shows on the tracks. o_O edit: nevermind. You gotta go first to Fruity loops tools->misc->prepare channels for export. THEN export as midi. After that import into reason and you should get all the tracks
  15. The duo acoustic playing in the beginning was really nice. But the left channel one which strums the chords really shouldn't use the pick. I couldn't hear the chords and just the picking sound since it was played rather lightly. The ending felt really sudden. Felt like "oh it ended already?" This is really emotional, and I can really feel it. The arrangement is awesome. The electric guitar recording could be done a bit better. It doesn't sound too bad tho. Good enough for me.
  16. Another FL question from me I know you can control the volume of your instruments in a specific through changing the velocity vectors. However is there anyway I could gradually increase or decrease the volume while it's playing a note? Say if I have a C playing for 2 beats, and I want it to go from say 50% -> 0% during that duration. Thx!
  17. maybe it could've been better. But I'm amazed at his orchestration talents. It takes more than just dedication to produce something like this. I enjoyed it
  18. hehe oops I figured as much. I'll buy the real thing sometime. I promise ><
  19. Short question: I import my samples by just dragging the sf2 file over on top of the channels. But after I save, and exit the program and reopen, the samples aren't there anymore. Like I have to "reset" them to their respective channels. O_O
  20. yea...I can't believe this is done on the computer. Craaaazy.
  21. stuck pretty close to the original. Which is exactly what I expect from a remix of a song like this. This has always been one of my fav. CT STs Great remix!
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