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  1. Now I'm afraid that I'm not an expert at Soundfonts, but usually don't you have to have a synthesiser or something with MIDI control? I'm using a program called Sequbeat for making my own loops. For that I have to use .wav files. BTW, wow to all the responses! Thanks to whomever moved this to another forum! I will proabably setup a server to allow people to upload the files to it. But in the meantime, please keep sending recommendations for acoustic drum samples!!!
  2. Like I said before, I had someone that had a drum kit but is unable to help me out right now. I need to have wav files (or mp3) of acoustic sounds. I tried Natural Studio, but they said it sounded like it wasn't real. Although I thought it sounded pretty good he thought the drums sounded kind of electronic made. I'm trying ruffrider now as we speak. Anybody else with any other advice? Perhaps own samples of their drum set maybe? Thanks to everyone who has replied so far!
  3. I'm looking for a website or someone who may be able to help me with getting REAL acoustic drum sounds. NOT ELECTRONIC MIXED!!! Real samples of a real acoustic snare, kick, cymbals, etc from a REAL acoustic drum kit. Any advice as to where I can obtain these without purchasing a real drum kit would be greatly appreciated. I know it may seem a little slack, but i'm just running short on time. The person that was going to help me get these drum sounds from his kit is unavailable right now. Thank you in advance for anyone who can help.
  4. Hey T.O. Check your e-mail for a link to my remix for track 7.
  5. for those of us who do not speak french, . . . what's the direct link to the forum?
  6. Same here. I'll try to get something turned in before May 1st but a couple of my classes are cramming in extra tests before finals on that same week.
  7. how about using the title from one of moore's books, . . . " . . . from hell" And as long as we're thinking about making a parody of songs borrowed for the doom game soundtrack, how about "Vulgar display of Hell". One of the songs sounds like "Walk" by Pantera from their album "Vulgar display of Power". At the very least you could call it "REDRUM MOOD".(reverse the words for secret meaning if you're wondering why the hell I would choose a name like that)
  8. Not to jump the B.F.G., but if another track opens up I wouldn't mind doing a collaboration with Joker on a track if he's down with doing one. I listened to DSoP project the other day and I remembered "Industrial Strength". (sorry, not trying to sound greedy)
  9. Yes, I could do that... and I will. In fact I have talked it over with Juha and we won't be doing The Waste Tunnels anyway, so that's up for grabs. On top of that I will also give up the other 2 tracks I am working on. Which makes all 3 tracks I have been involved in availible for the community to remix for this project and, as a result, ends my participation in this project. You may remove my name from the organiser and remixer lists, thank you... Dude, I did not want you to give up all those tracks, just one. I would hate to see you give up a chance to remix a song, especially the awsome work you did for DSoP! Please reconsider not remixing a song. At the very least can I rely on you to help me with a song if I need it??? As for picking a song I have to go with "waste tunnels", it was a tough choice between that and "icon of sin" but I can't do both obviously. I still would very much like to see analoq and Larsec on this project. Sure fresh meat is good but old meat does the most damage. (yes, my attempt for at a joke) BTW- here's a link to the original midi files for doom 2 IF someone needs them. DOOM 2 Much love for tha doomcrew that gave me and the community an extra opportunity to remix. Now if you will excuse me, there is a goat w/ my name on it that I have to skin and sacrifice for this project. . . . Anybody hungry? -nous
  10. How bout it Larsec? Would you be willing to give up track 28 or 30 for me and another remixer from DSoP project (that is not already involved in this current project . . . .cough, ANALOG!, cough, cough) to work together on? Something like, um . . . . "ICON OF SIN"!!? Hola back Larsec (Analog too if you're interested)
  11. Ok, if this project were a demon I would of walked 50 feet before realizing a chunk of my organs had been chewed out. I was hoping for this project to re-open, too bad pm offers weren't sent out to DSOP remixers as well. Any possibility of any more tracks being available? I would love to make another remix. Hopefully 18 tracks isn't the limit? Orichalon or Larsec, hola back yo! I've got a goat ready for the sacrifice.
  12. Think of it this way, . . . "Chords that have Power!" Enough power to make your ears bleed with sweet delectation into an endless abyss of your own hell. Damn, I've been away for a while. Is it time for a "Where are they now" or "Behind the Music" episode for this yet? We could talk about my gabling problem, Joker's abusive dependency for powerwheels toys, and mythril nazgul's battle with the bottle and how he triumphed and overcame his addiction and found jesus, . . . man, that would be awsome! See you guys on VH1, or when we do the reunion album, . . . DOOM 2- "Somewhere over the Phobos"
  13. So, will that project take a year as well? Anime eh? Just as long as they make my song very dark and "murderous-like". As cheesly as it sounds, I think of horror when I hear Mystery Meat (bloody-gore related), Reprocessed ("the grudge" theme), and The Dark Side of Phobos (chasing theme music). However, I do realize the site will be the ones creating it themselves from their perspective. I just think of the videos for those songs being like horror flicks, blood, gore and murder . . . . yes I know I do have a problem but the voices inside my head have assured me that they will never find the bodies. ps- If anyone from www.animemusicvideos.org reads this and is by chance looking for inspiration besides gore , "ghost in the shell" is my all time favorite anime.
  14. As a matter of fact I was listening to Dream Theater (yeah i know "theater" is spelled wrong but that is how the band spells it, AND i'm a huge fan of the band) and Coal Chamber for inspiration for this song. Good call. And as for a thesis, . . . just a second, . . . my head is getting a little big from pride and I have to find something to prop it up against.
  15. Hmm, Didn't I hear that line from a Tori Amos song? Thank you for listening to my song and complementing on it's "evilness". It would of been 110% evil, but " " was on holiday. So, I could only make it pure evil.
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