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  1. Now I'm afraid that I'm not an expert at Soundfonts, but usually don't you have to have a synthesiser or something with MIDI control? I'm using a program called Sequbeat for making my own loops. For that I have to use .wav files. BTW, wow to all the responses! Thanks to whomever moved this to another forum! I will proabably setup a server to allow people to upload the files to it. But in the meantime, please keep sending recommendations for acoustic drum samples!!!
  2. Like I said before, I had someone that had a drum kit but is unable to help me out right now. I need to have wav files (or mp3) of acoustic sounds. I tried Natural Studio, but they said it sounded like it wasn't real. Although I thought it sounded pretty good he thought the drums sounded kind of electronic made. I'm trying ruffrider now as we speak. Anybody else with any other advice? Perhaps own samples of their drum set maybe? Thanks to everyone who has replied so far!
  3. I'm looking for a website or someone who may be able to help me with getting REAL acoustic drum sounds. NOT ELECTRONIC MIXED!!! Real samples of a real acoustic snare, kick, cymbals, etc from a REAL acoustic drum kit. Any advice as to where I can obtain these without purchasing a real drum kit would be greatly appreciated. I know it may seem a little slack, but i'm just running short on time. The person that was going to help me get these drum sounds from his kit is unavailable right now. Thank you in advance for anyone who can help.
  4. Hey T.O. Check your e-mail for a link to my remix for track 7.
  5. for those of us who do not speak french, . . . what's the direct link to the forum?
  6. Same here. I'll try to get something turned in before May 1st but a couple of my classes are cramming in extra tests before finals on that same week.
  7. how about using the title from one of moore's books, . . . " . . . from hell" And as long as we're thinking about making a parody of songs borrowed for the doom game soundtrack, how about "Vulgar display of Hell". One of the songs sounds like "Walk" by Pantera from their album "Vulgar display of Power". At the very least you could call it "REDRUM MOOD".(reverse the words for secret meaning if you're wondering why the hell I would choose a name like that)
  8. Not to jump the B.F.G., but if another track opens up I wouldn't mind doing a collaboration with Joker on a track if he's down with doing one. I listened to DSoP project the other day and I remembered "Industrial Strength". (sorry, not trying to sound greedy)
  9. Yes, I could do that... and I will. In fact I have talked it over with Juha and we won't be doing The Waste Tunnels anyway, so that's up for grabs. On top of that I will also give up the other 2 tracks I am working on. Which makes all 3 tracks I have been involved in availible for the community to remix for this project and, as a result, ends my participation in this project. You may remove my name from the organiser and remixer lists, thank you... Dude, I did not want you to give up all those tracks, just one. I would hate to see you give up a chance to remix a song, especially the awsome work you did for DSoP! Please reconsider not remixing a song. At the very least can I rely on you to help me with a song if I need it??? As for picking a song I have to go with "waste tunnels", it was a tough choice between that and "icon of sin" but I can't do both obviously. I still would very much like to see analoq and Larsec on this project. Sure fresh meat is good but old meat does the most damage. (yes, my attempt for at a joke) BTW- here's a link to the original midi files for doom 2 IF someone needs them. DOOM 2 Much love for tha doomcrew that gave me and the community an extra opportunity to remix. Now if you will excuse me, there is a goat w/ my name on it that I have to skin and sacrifice for this project. . . . Anybody hungry? -nous
  10. How bout it Larsec? Would you be willing to give up track 28 or 30 for me and another remixer from DSoP project (that is not already involved in this current project . . . .cough, ANALOG!, cough, cough) to work together on? Something like, um . . . . "ICON OF SIN"!!? Hola back Larsec (Analog too if you're interested)
  11. Ok, if this project were a demon I would of walked 50 feet before realizing a chunk of my organs had been chewed out. I was hoping for this project to re-open, too bad pm offers weren't sent out to DSOP remixers as well. Any possibility of any more tracks being available? I would love to make another remix. Hopefully 18 tracks isn't the limit? Orichalon or Larsec, hola back yo! I've got a goat ready for the sacrifice.
  12. Think of it this way, . . . "Chords that have Power!" Enough power to make your ears bleed with sweet delectation into an endless abyss of your own hell. Damn, I've been away for a while. Is it time for a "Where are they now" or "Behind the Music" episode for this yet? We could talk about my gabling problem, Joker's abusive dependency for powerwheels toys, and mythril nazgul's battle with the bottle and how he triumphed and overcame his addiction and found jesus, . . . man, that would be awsome! See you guys on VH1, or when we do the reunion album, . . . DOOM 2- "Somewhere over the Phobos"
  13. So, will that project take a year as well? Anime eh? Just as long as they make my song very dark and "murderous-like". As cheesly as it sounds, I think of horror when I hear Mystery Meat (bloody-gore related), Reprocessed ("the grudge" theme), and The Dark Side of Phobos (chasing theme music). However, I do realize the site will be the ones creating it themselves from their perspective. I just think of the videos for those songs being like horror flicks, blood, gore and murder . . . . yes I know I do have a problem but the voices inside my head have assured me that they will never find the bodies. ps- If anyone from www.animemusicvideos.org reads this and is by chance looking for inspiration besides gore , "ghost in the shell" is my all time favorite anime.
  14. As a matter of fact I was listening to Dream Theater (yeah i know "theater" is spelled wrong but that is how the band spells it, AND i'm a huge fan of the band) and Coal Chamber for inspiration for this song. Good call. And as for a thesis, . . . just a second, . . . my head is getting a little big from pride and I have to find something to prop it up against.
  15. Hmm, Didn't I hear that line from a Tori Amos song? Thank you for listening to my song and complementing on it's "evilness". It would of been 110% evil, but " " was on holiday. So, I could only make it pure evil.
  16. Sorry to miss what may be the obvious but are you happy about it reaching nearly 1000 or the fact that 999 upside down is 666?
  17. You obviously haven't heard much classical singing, then. Elsa uses hardly any vibrato, among other stylistic choices, and that's a fundamental part of opera and classical singing in general. It's used to project the sound in large halls (yeah, no mics, hehe), and also to warm, define, and strengthen tone. She has good control, which shows she has training, but I think her voice is in a league of its own. Very interesting style! Well someones a "little testy". (Hee hee, I made a funny!) But seriously you don't want people to think you're "too nuts". LMAO! Damn I have no life. But seriously pix, IM me when you have time, I would like to ask you about a remix to take part in if you're interested. You guessed it, aim= nousentre.
  18. My opinion (for what it's worth) Welcome to Hell- I like it, definately gets you in the mood Hangarmageddon- Show-off! The Red Moon- I like Industrial Strength- DUDE!, I'm sorry if this is an insult to you, BUT I love this "80's" sounding song. The good 80's sound not the "culture club" or "madonna" sound. Sounds a little like "Tears for Fears", which I'm a fan of. And fuck whomever says otherwise, I don't care if you post that you hate that band, fuck you anyway! Mystery Meat- Damn, what a loser! Who does this guy think he is? It's no Hangarmageddon I'll tell you that much! Leaning Tower of Babel- Man, I wanna party with you! I DON'T dance but I almost busted a groove in my seat. Reprocessed- Hmm, not sure, I don't hate it, . . . it has to grow on me. Ghosts of Mars- You got the im, you know what I think, awsome, different, kewl. Chemical Imps- Inspiration from Chemical Bros.? Sounds like thier work. Demon Con Gusto- Analog, when I first heard this I kept looking for RUN DMC to walk in the room and bust a "MC pose". This Can't Be Good- IF the song was bad I would so make fun of your choice of title right now! Jade Spawn- I like but I felt like I was waiting for it to build up somewhere. Intermission- Funny Shit! Does anybody else feel like wacthing "Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail" after listening to this? (okay only the true fans will get the joke) Infiltrator- "Al Di Meola" anyone? Infected Lab- "Confusion-Pump panel remix" by "New Order" anyone? Secrets & Lies- sounds like "Poe" The Glass Moon- I like but you still should have used you neck pickup on the guitar work my friend. Ocean Pollen- I wanna get high Area of the Damned- Pixietricks, at first you were cute, but after hearing your voice, . . . I'm in love with you! Marry me tonight! I'll see you in Vegas! Iron Cathedral- Lovin' that goth 80's sound! Dark Side of the Phobos- Deserving of the title of the album Darkness Dawning- Elsa, you're cute as well, but you scare me @ 2:50 into the song. Don't take this the wrong way, but I think on a date you would probably rape me, and afterwards, . . . I would be crying in the corner. ElectroCute Bunny- I thought this was going to be a funny song because of the title, I was wrong, . . . not funny, . . . groovin'. Don't worry, I'm not being kind for the hell of it. If you sucked at making your song, I would absolutely tell you. Awsome album guys, and thanks for letting me be apart of the album. This may have been my first remix but I'm so glad it is a rememberable one! Please invite me to the next Doom remix anytime, I'm there! Take Care Guys! Pixietricks, I'll see you in Vegas!
  19. You joined just to post that? Damn, you are such a douche! You must of been bored after your online masterbation escapade. If we lose at making this album, you lose at life for joining just to post that. I'm sorry to tell you this but whomever told you it was cool to take out your frustration on forums told you wrong, . . . it actually makes you what people who have a life call a "nutsack". Let me spell it out for you N - U - T - S - A - C - K (is what you are) Now Don't take your hate out on forums just because your mommy wouldn't put out for you tonight. So run along and go post on the walmart forums, billy-bob and ella-sue are waiting for ya.
  20. anyone see the promo for the "doom" movie thats coming out? the movie that should have been, but will never be. Actually from what I hear, it's mostly "alien meets resident evil". Hmm, . . . I think I liked them better as two seperate movies.
  21. If it were me, I would use the neck pickup for the guitar instead of the bridge pickup. Sounds a little too, . . . nasily. Everything else is awsome though.
  22. You know, its been a while since i've visited the forum and now there is alot of hostility on this site (yes i'm stating the obvious between KungFuChicken!++ and Global-Trance). Especially something simple as a web page. Granted it's cool looking but, it's nothing to fight over. I though the music was more important than the web site. I hate to sound like a hippie, BUT, . . . This is a group project by the remixers and therefore it SHOULD be voted on (and commented by) BY remixers and people who are activally involved w/ this project. KungFuChicken!++ -Dude, granted i don't like the controller idea either, but I don't go to your job and tell you that the way you flip burgers is "fucking ugly". I mean come on dude, did you really have no other way of expressing what you thought about the web page? Did you think he would respond back to you w/ something like, "Oh, thank you so much for pointing that out that way. I was blind but now I TRULY do see!" By the way, replying back with hostility or cussing me out only proves my point that I'm right and you, . . . are a douche. However you could be the better man and apologize to everyone on the forum (granted you have the right not to do so), reinstate your comment about the page like "I don't think that controller would be beneficial to the design that the remixers are hoping for." Now it's just me but I personally would say something like that, but you can pick something easier if you want. Global-Trance -I thought the web page was awsome, but unfortunately I did not like the controllers on the page. It was a good idea but it gives the feeling of "dark, bloody, murder, groovy hippie" it just didn't seem to fit. I think that the red concept is awsome, if not a mixture of red and orange. Red = Murder. As for the comment made by KungFuChicken!++, just let it go. I'm not trying to comment on how to run your life and I know you are thinking "who do you think you are given me comments!" But, he made a rude comment, life goes on. People will hate your work and people will love your work. I think what he was trying to do was in some strange rude way "help" you improve the web page. But then again he is not doing anything with this project, you are (among others, sorry I don't feel like going through 45 pages to name everybody) contributing not him, so his comments don't really count. As far as i'm concerned, all the remixers in this project are the only comments that count. They have the vision of what this project should be, and MythrilNazgul gave them that opportunity. Thank you also for being the bigger man and apologizing to everybody. Damn, I sound like a guidence counsler. I know that this is only my first remix but, I feel honored to be apart of what may be the best remix video game concept album, . . . ever! Thanks to everybody who are going to make this album kick "fucking ugly" ass. Am I the only one whose nipples are hard w/ excitement over the release of this project? Okay, too much information.
  23. First off, VERY AWSOME WORK!!! Second, this was an idea that I had a month or two ago but waited until now to bring it up. With the cover, on the shadow part of Mars (leave "DOOM" title), put the teeth part of the Orichalcon. Don't make it REALLY apparent but kind of hint at it. I'd do it but I'm; a- not that good of a graphic artist b- amateur level at photoshop c- need good quality (somewhat at that size) of the Orichalcon Now the cover is already amazing as it is, . . . but the thought of adding the teeth in the shadow of mars to this new cover seems . . . wicked and evil. The "dark" side = evil. Yes, I know I'm quoting Obi Wan. ps- Doom 3 on xbox rules! Although I know it is better on the PC, I was amazed at how good of a quality the game turned out.
  24. Well, that's really up to you? Does it sound any better than the last one? IM me and i'll upload it to you.
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