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  1. Uematsu-sama is to video game music as Mozart or Beethoven is to classical music. He may very well join them in the history books as one of the great musical masters in history. Nobuo Uematsu is, to many of us, the reason why we started listening to classical or orchestrated game soundtracks, or even orchestrated music in general. It is because of his compositions that many kids, teens, and adults enjoy melodic and symphonic music, not only as background or embellishments to the games but as musical soundtracks to listen to and concerts to watch and enjoy. Here on OC Remix the Final Fantasy series is one of the most remixed and re-imagined musical series to date. That in itself is one hell of a tribute! Thanks Uematsu-sama for sharing your musical talent with us, and thanks to OverClocked Remix for this tribute and big thanks for all the remixes that very talented people have made.
  2. This is an amazingly face-melting, axe grinding, demon slaying mix! I dare say its even better than anything Konami put out on the Dracula Perfect albums. The only thing better would be if The Shinto Six teamed up with goat on a Castlevania mega mix. I especially love the drums. They drive the rhythm perfectly with a healthy double kick but without needless over-complication.
  3. Dear fuggin' lord... Awsome... wicked... *drool* can't speak... listening to mix... *froth* - Jubei
  4. goat kicks ass! goat is definatly one of my favorite artists on OC! Maybe because I'm a big fan of rock/metal remixes. My only quam with this mix is the snare sample, I think it sounds to loose or sloppy, but thats just me. Maybe he did this purposly because of the water at the begining and end? Who cares! This is an awsome mix! I wonder of he takes requests... cause I know a few songs that could use his touch... - Jubei
  5. Ok, this is my first post on these boards, but I have been listening to the remixes on this site for years. All I have to say about this song is perfect! As a rule I don't like remixed game music with lyrics, I've always found them done way to cheesy or found them uninspiring (although I did keep a few songs because I found them cute or funny). jdproject changed all that, and then some. I wouldn't be surprised to hear this song on the radio. Not only are the words not overly cheesy, they work! Also, the voice effects used give the song a much more modern and profesional feel. Only a true Street Fighter 2 fan would know this is game music. Now I've always pictured Ken a metal kind of guy and his music would have hardcore crunching guitars with drums from hell. In that aspect jdproject impresses me again because he has a very alteritive feel and it fuggin' works! AND the drums sound awsome!! (Sorry, I'm a drummer, so I'm naturally picky on drums) Awsome job jdproject! I look forward to hearing more from you! - Jubei
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