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  1. I'm not a terrible fan of FPS, though I do rank them above flight simulators, gambling simulators, sports games and racing games. In their defense, while "center screen push button" is crucial to their gameplay, there is much more. Map memorization on the lower end of the spectrum, and priority decision making on the other, for a few examples. Saying that they take no skill sounds petty, and reflects more on you than on them. It also makes me think of someone up in Heaven (I don't believe in Heaven but using it for dramatic effect) bitching about dying in war; "I died? Lame; sniper rifles take no skill!" Generally speaking, though, I do find that they're often the same. Similar weapons, similar enemies, similar situations. New maps though. This is why I enjoyed games like Resistance, because of their more interesting weapon selection, and secondary fire options. End of troll inspired rant. The idea that stores will stop selling games due to the financial risk of fines is silly. If it were to actually happen would be more unbelievable. It isn't that hard to look at a game, see the rating, and say "Do you have ID?" I don't have much faith in people, but really, I don't think that level of training should be beyond them. And if it is, I'd rather see them taken out of society; $1000 fine isn't quite enough. Lastly, calling music air vibrations is an offensive generalization. It vibrates so much more!
  2. I've heard of this, many a time, but never actually played it. I wasn't really up to date when the PSX came out, and only really got on board with FFVIII and Chrono Cross (CC was the first game I ever pre-ordered, and I played FFVII on computer the first time). I watched a gameplay video of, supposedly, the first dungeon. Don't worry, didn't watch any story or anything. Anyway, to me it looks more like Soul Blazer or Illusion of Gaia than Zelda. If the major puzzle mechanics are just swinging your sword at switches, and putting boxes on pressure plates, I'd probably skip it. It seems to me that it is just... the same as a dozen other games. Also, the sword swing is a little retarded (looks more like he's swinging a dagger, with his elbow bolted to his body for all of the range you get). You got anything else you wanna say about the game to convince me?
  3. You should calm down, lest every time I see your name I think "Arek the Asshole."
  4. It was insisted upon me that I listen to "Blah blah blah." Right away when I saw "Ke$ha" I knew I was in for trouble... Oh God! She goes back and forth between, "shut up and do me," and, "shut up, you can't touch this." Her love of assonance in her simplistic meter makes me think that she simply can't think of better words that rhyme (assuming she wrote it -- I can't imagine a REAL writer being happy with that)... And even if she did, it would still be worse than the stuff I wrote when I was seven. The question has been put forward, "Why make such a big deal when you don't like something?" Well, I like expanding my horizons, and listening to new good music. The radio should be a source of this, but instead we get subjected to this drivel. I hate it because there is talent out in the world that I will never get exposed to because of this, and I speak out against it because the world is what we make it, and if nobody says anything nothing will change. If you want a catchy guilty pleasure, listen to something like Girls' generation (Gee). It is catchy as all hell, and you can't get annoyed about the lyrics, because you probably don't speak Korean. So catchy... It'll haunt me forever.
  5. My friend's wedding had orchestrated Aeris's theme instead of "here comes the bride", but that's the closest I've come. Also, tiny Asian ladies prancing around singing and acting all cutesy isn't really my thing, unless I get to meet up with them afterward. Then I can fake interest.
  6. I've put over 100 hours into this game already. Don't ask. It is the best game I have played in years. I've beaten the game, and done most of the side-quests. All of course without guides (you can't get a good guide on game-faqs yet, even if you wanted to). Some of the side-quests are vague and annoying, but that is the only flaw to the game that I can think of. Well, that, and some NPCs talk WAY too much (I'm looking at you, JACK, and the bank lady). As far as recommended levels, and "don't go into grottos until you're xx", they'll fool you. I could, for example, kill any of the grotto bosses at level one. That is to say, I could if any of my characters were that low in any class. All four of my main characters have all available classes to at least level 20, most are level 30, and a couple are 40. You keep your skill points between classes, and you can save up as many as you like to spend them on a class you actually care about. I had each of my guys master a weapon skill while their "main" class was only about level 10, so they'd always have a reliable weapon, then I focused on the class skills that give permanent stat upgrades. It is way faster to level up to ten in a new class, and get the 12 skill points or whatever you get for it, than to level from 20 to 25 and get the same; so, if you're focusing on one class each you're really hindering yourself. At level one in any class, I have well over 100 Hp, 200 agility, etc. As far as the tag-mode goes... Wow. If I lived in Japan, it would be great. I live in Vancouver. I took my DS to the beach in my pocket, and went for a walk among the thousands of people there. Not a single bite. In the next two weeks there are three more nights of fireworks, and I'm gonna try again, but I am not very hopeful. Kind of wish I was going to a convention soon; my inn is looking pretty empty. I have one friend and one brother who I'll be able to play multiplayer with, and I'm looking forward to it. Haven't tried it yet. I made fresh level one characters just for that.
  7. To be clear, the "non-linear exploration experience" is really that you can choose between five levels. Each level is pretty linear, although there are secret areas and treasure to get, and reasons to go back to levels you've completed already. "Hard" game is really not that difficult. While you're learning the game you're going to die, but once you've figured it out, it isn't inconceivable to get through the entire game without getting hit. Most of the time the hardness of the game comes from ambushes from enemies you didn't see and weren't prepared for. Your next time through, you'll remember to look around that corner, and you'll be fine. Keep in mind I don't remember how many times I've played through this game, only that I'm too high level to EVER get into multiplayer again (it restricts what worlds you can enter; you have to be close level). "Story" consists mostly of the main plot, which is "Save the world." Sorry for spoilers. Other than that, there are a number of important NPCs, each with their own little story, and while some of them relate to other characters, there isn't a whole lot of explanation. I'd recommend two things. First, if you want all of the achievements, find a friend to share some of the weapons with you... Crafting your own (of specific ones) can be truly annoying. Second, before you play, look up and understand the world affinity rules. On my first playthrough I happened to get the fire world to pure white, but I had no idea how or why. Alright, I'm gonna go make a new character and do up some multiplayer. That was good times. See ya.
  8. The eternal optimist in me wants to think it came down 'cause they're finally putting a better version up. That is just my wishful thinking though.
  9. Yeah, I quit reading around 300 or so. Every once in a while I'd come back and check on it, read two or three, and remember why I stopped. It just got uninteresting (having every single character with an IQ in single digits gets really old, really fast). Also, the ending: I'm sure it took extra effort to make, but... When the comic is called "8-Bit Theater" and your epilogue is done in a pseudo-anime style? That's kind of disappointing.
  10. Well, I might as well throw my list in there... The only games that are desperate desires are Kartia and Earthbound. If you have it, make me an offer, please! For all of the rest, I'm not really interested in buying them one at a time, so only message me if you have at least a few of them. Also, I have a number of games I might be willing to trade, for the right deal. These range from extra copies of Super Mario RPG, to my dozen copies of Super Mario Bros. (NES), to random games like Double Dragon NES) Donkey Kong Country, Starfox, and Mario All Stars. Let me know what you're interested in, and I'll tell you if I have it for trade (I'm not selling, only willing to trade if you have something that I want). Want: Playstation: Kartia RPG Maker N64: Mario Kart 64 Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask SNES: Donkey Kong Country Competition Cart (Just thought I'd throw that in there). Earthbound Lufia 2 Mega Man X2 Rock and Roll Racing Spanky's Quest Super Noah's Ark 3D (for novelty value) Zombies Ate My Neighbors NES: 1942 Adventure Island 2-4 Arkista's Ring Balloon Fight Base Wars Bionic Commando Bomberman 1-2 Boy and his Blob Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle B-Wings Circus Charlie Contra Dig Dug Donkey Kong 1, Jr, 3 Dragon Warrior 2,3 Field Combat Gyromite Joe and Mac Kid Icarus Kirby's Adventure and Dreamland Lode Runner Lolo 2-3 Mappy Land Mega Man 1,3,4,6 Monster in my Pocket Ninja Gaiden 3 Nuts n Milk Pacman Punchout (Not Tyson) Q*Bert RC Pro AM 2 Rampage Rampart River City Ransom Sesame Street 123 Smash TV Snow Bros Super Dodge Ball T & C Surf Designs Turtles 2,3 Twinbee Ultima Warriors of Destiny Zoda's Revenge
  11. Hurray! More people that have played Kartia! I borrowed it from a friend and played through it once, like, over ten years ago. I remember vague bits of gameplay, and I REALLY want to replay it -- if I can ever find it again.
  12. Heavy Rain looks like absolute refuse... I mean, there is no real gameplay beyond "push the right button at the right time". From what I've seen, it is a series of choices, with the added abilities to fail, and get stuck not knowing where to go. If I want to watch a movie, I'm sure as hell not going to pay the price of a PS3 game for it. No, a new term does not need to be invented to describe this: garbage has been around for a long time. White Knight Chronicles looks okay, if a bit slow... but dear GOD all of the videos that I've seen in English sound horrible. I'll reserve judgement for now, and I may actually get this game -- eventually.
  13. Part 2: http://www.box.net/shared/9ydarcteoc Damn uploading takes my computer forever...
  14. Virt said that he was going to arrange something for the VGMix 2 stuff, likely a giant torrent. The only problems are that it will only have VGMix 2, and none of VGMix 1, and it isn't here yet. So, until then, I see no reason why we can't share what we have with each other. This link should work: http://www.box.net/shared/i6s2domvv0 There are about 130 tracks there, and I'm currently uploading about 100 more. Remember, this is just my "best of" collection, and I don't even have CLOSE to all of the VGMix tracks. Hopefully it'll keep you happy until the real thing gets released. Edit: Ps - I'm sorry, but I don't think there is a mass-download option, and I didn't zip them together or anything. The limitations of free webspace...
  15. I have about 2200 VGM1 and VGM2 songs; not nearly all of them, but I'd be happy to upload some of what I have. I'm currently uploading some of my favorite ones, but if you had any special requests I could try to find individual songs for you as well. I'll provide a URL once this finished -- it might take a while. Also, be warned: a lot of the tags aren't right. Just ignore that >< And let's be nice to Virt -- he just might update that main page one of these days.
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