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  1. About friggin time someone did some Gypsy, I think other than jazz-rap, this is my favorite jazz type. I actually like the crappy microphone quality...sounds more like it was from a record, haha. Loved the improv, but wish it was a bit longer cuz I think the source stuff was longer than it, aw well. Awesome job man! Oh! If ya ever do another Django style song, you should definitly lookinto having some violin in there too Thad make it authentic gypsy times 5!
  2. So uhmmm...what happened to your guys' website n' stuff? I get a 404 error when I Go to it. Hmmmm...
  3. K thanx, I'll send ya a message later on today prolly
  4. Wespip, is your gamertag the same as your name right here?
  5. Ok, so I've never been in any Xbox live clans... so how exactly do ya join the clan? I totally need some Idiot proof instructions.
  6. Haha, in Mickey's Magical Quest, the boss for the ice world (the damned peguin on skis) is prolly the hardest boss i've seen in a while (although for an rpg noob...Ultimecia in FF8 was pretty close to being the hardest for me). And what really sucked was that the game doesnt have a save...so yuore screwed if ya get game over
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